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  1. Leakage of what looks like crusty white dried salt water

    I noticed this white crusty stuff. It looks like dried salt water. I originally figured it was a dead bug or bird poop, but I cleaned it off and it returned. Any ideas?
  2. Hard Top Weather Seal Around Roof Latch

    Does your weather seal lie flat or does it go over the hardtop latches on either side of the Aux switch panel like mine do in the photo? Obviously, it would be very easy to remove the top and lay the seal flat, but I’m curious if it’s supposed to be this way (Or if yours was also delivered like...
  3. How long will battery hold charge if parked long term?

    I’ll be taking a long trip soon and I’ll be leaving the Bronco in long term airport parking for 3 weeks. I‘m worried that the battery may drain too much by then. I may have to buy a jump pack just to be sure. I’m wondering if anyone has left their Bronco for that long without a battery tender...
  4. Jan 22 Order Scheduled for Production

    I reserved a Bronco in early August 2020. In January 2022, I decided to place an identical order with my local dealer at MSRP. I got an email from Ford today saying that my January 2022 order is scheduled for production. This order is 100% identical to my original order, which is still in...
  5. Distance between jack points?

    Can someone with a 4 door do me a big favor and measure the length between the jack points front-to-back (A) and the width between them side-to-side (B)? Thanks!