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  1. Rear sliding windows

    Oh yea?! I guess I misunderstood the documents that got released a few months back… or maybe only saw that they had the 4dr as the prototype It’s too bad that they probably will never release a conversion kit for us OG’s
  2. Rear sliding windows

    Not yet. The upcoming mod top for the 4dr with removable side glass is the closest you will get for the time being
  3. The Dog Thread 🐾

  4. DOG! DOG! DOG!

  5. The Boreal Badlands

    4,006 flawless kilometres shouldn’t be celebratory, but it sure feels like it. Pup and Peaks Trip Report is well underway. We’ve landed back home to an immense backlog of edits to tackle comprising of Trip, Drifting, Comedy Shows, Hockey, and a Portrait Sesh… plus the usual wildlife stuff...
  6. Packhorse Sliding Cargo System for 2-door Rear Seat Delete -- by Wicked Relics Off-Road

    Looks great!!! Make this for the two doors with seats, you cowards!(just jokes) I’m tired of having to empty all the contents of the rear to access the underfloor storage.
  7. The Boreal Badlands

    Me too! We just set off on our little week long venture to the Rockies. There'll be a trip report in the near future dubbed “Pup and Peaks” As far as the light mounts go.. yes. I’ll be reaching out to a handful of you guys who expressed interest to help gauge which direction the design is...
  8. Tire tread wear

    Too much toe in, get an alignment.
  9. Doors off cargo options

    I’ve got JCRs Tailgate table with three molle bags hanging from it. This offers enough room for the stuff you mentioned and more! I’ve also added a few smaller molle bags to the seatbacks. Maybe the passenger accessory mount molle panel is another solution for ya???
  10. What is your Bronco and why do you own it?

    Non Squatch, Badlands, just as @PWillette said. I regularly haul a canoe, camper, bikes and boards around for extracurricular activities! The build fits every checkbox on my list of wants, without going crazy over the top. I don’t need 35’s or the ability to rock crawl… but comin from a...
  11. Ford missed a design that could have benefited a lot of people that Honda did years ago.

    2DRs get a coffee table. Much like the sliding tailgate, I could see this being a 4DR only option. Cool nonetheless
  12. The Boreal Badlands

    Breaking in the new transfer case on 200kms of greasy forest roads to the cottage. Just making sure its all G. Did an OCI and wipers today; she'll get a tire rotation at some point this upcoming week too
  13. Bronco Navigation "poops"

    Breadcrumbs. The system auto determines when to drop them so you can find your way home if you are off road. Dont ask me how it decides, we don’t know. There are settings to toggle it Auto/On/Off. Search about the Nav and you’ll find them
  14. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    we ordered the TSB items back before there was -D’s. When rumors got out of the updated rev I asked the dealer to hold off the repair, reorder the fresh design and we will book it once they delivered. Upon pickup I briefly read the workshop report/invoice and saw that two of the -C rings and a...
  15. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Hello all, it’s been a while since I chimed in here with an update. TLDR - TSB did not work Back in May I had the TSB performed, this unleashed a myriad of self inflicted issues; from damaged fuel lines to a blown transfer case. After three and a bit months since the TSB (putting on...
  16. F150leds.com Bronco lightbar bracket issue

    You’ve gotta cut the side of the body coloured blanking plates where the bracket makes contact
  17. The Boreal Badlands

    The day has finally come, finally, the rig has a new transfercase. Its been a slog dealing with insurance, playing the blame game, and everyones bureaucratic bullshit. To briefly recap the summer that never was: April 10: Front Sway Disco fails. April 12: Dealer reprogrammed modules per TSB...
  18. Maps units issues

    Not the only one, I can assure you of that. If you go into the settings and toggle to standard and then back to metric, it will revert to “normal units” as we expect to see… but it only lasts that Start cycle of the rig.
  19. In 4A strange whooshing noise and then quick clutch slipping noise.

    Most likely just some good ol turbo noise as you stepped into it. Otherwise it could be some rear wheel slippage aka breaking traction. I wouldn’t worry about it
  20. Rain Sensing Wiper Problem...

    @Game Day 89 What most owners seem to have done, which anecdotally has worked for me, is to leave your wipers raised for a few days/nights. It’ll stretch the springs in the wiper arm a tad and relieve some of that extra tension that causes the hesitant wipe. Being in a northern climate, my...