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  1. Ford agrees to $9.2 billion US government loan

    EV are here to stay LMAO just like recycling is here to stay right, just another made up revenue stream. O and if you weren't aware we don't and couldn't build the infatruction to support EV nationwide anyway would take 50yrs if it was even possible. We shall see enjoy your truck that...
  2. CTI score flex comparison between Sasquatch, Raptor, Icon, Radflo, King suspension

    everyone in my crew started calling my Bronco Tripod it spend a good amount of time on 3 wheels. With that said It never failed me ran every obstacle just on 3 wheels. Several jeep people were blown away how well my Bronco did totally stock. 22 4D Badlands
  3. Impressions at 25,000 miles.

    That suck I got 24,500 at 11 month, few normal 1 gen bugs but nothing major. Running strong with 2 trips to FL 2 trips to Moab and 1 trip to CO,WY, and MT . 22 Badland SAS w/ Lux better luck on the next vehicle hopefully
  4. Another Bronco w/ Broken Tie Rod stranded and recovered

    Yep because lots of people either think they are driving a unbreakable tank or they just suck driving off road.
  5. I flipped my Bronco about 5 or 6 times

    then they shouldn't have posted it
  6. Update: Anyone else remote start stopped working on the Fob and App?

    No doubt your in a crappy situation just don't want anyone to get stuck with a lemon. It would SUCK but I would dump this one and just wait instead of being stuck with something thats always causing problems. Especially if like me your trips take you in the middle of now where. A reliable...
  7. Update: Anyone else remote start stopped working on the Fob and App?

    Sometimes bad vehicles come off the line. My 2 cents Lemon law, run from that vehicle as fast as you can and get a new one. Yes easier said than done but thats what I would do if possible.
  8. Comparison: Bronco vs Jeep (spoiler) Bronco hate by LiteBrite

    Litebright jeep cost over 120,000 with mods so NO KIDDING theirs in nicer and more capable All the jeep guys I ran Moab with last month where blown away by what my bronco was able to do straight off the show room floor, so was I so I am Happy with my purchase. Coming from a 2017 Tacoma FYI
  9. Whose fault? Dealer or Tire store

    I totally get everyones frustration with the Launch failure. This is a 1st yr model, they always have issues, If you pull the trigger on a 1st yr model there will be some growing pains. As for the people adding lifts and all kinda of aftermarket stuff either your not realistic or you have never...
  10. Whose fault? Dealer or Tire store

    No and I mean NO manufacture of anything is going to warranty something that was at a 3rd party being worked on. so yea its Fords fault you guys are unbeliveable.
  11. Whose fault? Dealer or Tire store

    You need to search around for a good off road or jeep shop or at least someone similar with the lift yourinstalling. Its just a little more complicated then swiping out coils and adding some UCAs
  12. Need advice on floor jacks

    my 2 cents I personal us hydraulic bottle jacks and if they don't have enough lift. they fit perfectly on 6x6 I have cut for the purpose. As far as is this safe I have been jacking up my trucks and cars like this for 30 yrs never had any issues, just use in conjunction with jack stands
  13. Seeing more Broncos on road now

    Same here till this week
  14. Seeing more Broncos on road now

    Well I have seen 1 Bronco everyday for the last 5 days 2-2doors and 3-4 doors so its happening slowly but its happening.
  15. Stick to Maintenance Schedule or Get Serviced Early?

    What they said, just change your oil when it tells you to, the 3k 5k oil change is a joke, to many people stuck in the 70's Oil has come a long way. The oil filter is a bigger problem then the oil make sure your using a oil filter made to 10k standards a lot are not.
  16. Unlock Doors When Unlocking the Tailgate

    nope only the driver and passengers doors will unluck all doors including tailgate. you can lock all the doors with tailgate but not unlock🤷‍♂️