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  1. Wider Stance

    Not sure. I went with EVOs. Crazy how light they are around 26lbs and SAS are 36. Also like Satin Black vs OEM Gloss Black...stays clean longer and doesn't show scratches in sun like gloss. Been really happy with the so far. Sold OEM and almost paid for RTR with 0 offset so easy choice for me.
  2. Hood dent/scratch repair estimate

    Sorry that sucks. Maybe a good time for dash cam. I just installed one from Ford and it has parking impact sensor.
  3. Front & Rear dashcams installed with pics & links to products

    The app has limits you can set and modify so when it hits a certain point it shuts off and won't drain the batter.
  4. Front & Rear dashcams installed with pics & links to products

    Looks good. I did the Ford Thinkware front and back and comes with a harness that plugs under dash for constant power. Also has 30ft wire to run to the back. Just tuck wires behind plastic and everything is hidden. Guy on YouTube in FL has a 2 part video that is great. I think you can just get...
  5. Wider Stance

    I went with RTR zero offset. Widens about 1.5 inches. Also went with 6100s to level and lift about 2 inches....just looks better in my opinion and definitely drives better than OEM SAS
  6. Happy to be here! Brave Offroad Designs

    Welcome. Holding out for a rear bumper that follows looks good and has the license plate on it. Life ADD Rock Fighter but better priced and lines up with rear lines and SAS Flares. Maybe options for sensors or not and Baja S1 cutouts or not.
  7. Best place to get Method wheels?

    www.jeepandtruckparts.com has good deals sometimes.
  8. Bug shield hood deflector.

    Very good finish. No scratches. And sticks on solid.
  9. Bug shield hood deflector.

    Got the gloss black from IAG. Super happy with it. Cuts way down on bugs and no windshield chips yet. Got one first week of ownership before installed. Most can't even tell I have it blends right in with Black Bronco. If you have a gloss black grill might look really good.
  10. Ford Performance Calibration Tuner Input needed -------------------

    Best upgrade you can do for the money. Don't hesitate and waste miles without it.
  11. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    They can produce one or two no problem to give to Mitch to make a video on how great it is...but they can't make anymore. Funny how pre orders make everyone give up money for years then everyone will get one within months even the non pre orders.
  12. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    After 72 pages of comments, I hope everyone gets together and asks for a refund asap. Then ADV has to get a loan and start paying interest. Things will move a lot quicker. Everyone that has given them a interest free 6k loan for 1-2 years and has been way too nice. Not sure how many of ordered...
  13. Max Wheel/Tire Weight for BB

    Should be good. I would think if tailgate support like hammerbuilt snd make sure the rubber bump stops on the tailgate are snug against the new tire.
  14. Trying to determine poke…

    If you keeping non sas flares I would keep it stock at +30 offset. If SAS Flares you can go 0 offset and it looks good and still covers tread. I went 0 offset but I have SAS flares. Difference is about 1.5 inches.
  15. Zone 3” Adventure Series Lift Kit, Pro's and Cons?

    Went with Bilstein 6100s which are 2.5 and adjustable. Added about 2 inches and leveled it. Super happy with it and drives a lot better than OEM SAS. Jeepandtruckparts has the fronts for around $210 each which is a smokin deal. Just another option for around $1000 for all 4 and doesn't hurt...
  16. Tailgate Rattle / Tick Issue Fix -- TSB 23-2163

    Ordered some on Amazon about $6. Tough choice to just get it fixed by dealer with a whole new tailgate or try grease and hope it work and doesn't void future TSB claim if needed and ticking comes back. Wish they would come out with better hinges or whatever is causing the issue. I have a...
  17. Tailgate Rattle / Tick Issue Fix -- TSB 23-2163

    If the bump stop is touching against the spare tire you are good. Factory should be fine with no mods. It's when you go to a lesser aftermarket offset wheel and there will be a big gap between bump stop and spare tire. Zero offset is getting more common in aftermarket with is about 1.5 inches...
  18. Tailgate Rattle / Tick Issue Fix -- TSB 23-2163

    Thank you. Also there is a Ford bump stop that you can order that perfectly fits a zero offset. It is about $25 each you will need 2. Exact same as oem but sticks out further for perfect zero offset fit. Search this forum and there is a part #. I guess I will try the grease and see. It is so...
  19. Tailgate Rattle / Tick Issue Fix -- TSB 23-2163

    Following. Same issue with my 2021 the last few months. Dealer ordered new tailgate to replace but worried about not matching and I lose my ceramic I had done. I have hammerbuilt Reinforcement I installed a week ago but didn't fix it. Guess I have no choice but to replace or listen to rattles.