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  1. Texas 4DR Rear Lower Molle Panels

    I bought the upper and lower molle panel set on Amazon but decided on only installing the upper set. I have the left and right side rear lower set for sale, comes with hardware. There is a slight scratch on one of these, sold as is. $100 OBO, buyer will need to pay shipping from Houston. Please...
  2. Texas OEM 2023 OBX Grille

    I switched out my OEM OBX grille with the IAG grille at about 150 miles, looking to clear out some space and sell this one. $200 OBO, buyer will need to pay shipping costs from Houston. Please let me know if you have any questions about it.
  3. Am I the only one that sees this?

    Like many others I finally received the production line photo yesterday of my build, which is currently making its way through Oklahoma to Texas right now. After looking at the photo a few times my eyes noticed a strange color from the driver side windshield accessory mount cover. At first, I...
  4. COVP Confirmation??

    I was able to visit my dealer and roll my unscheduled MY22 to MY23, dealer copied DL and I signed order for COVP. The next day I received the order confirmation email from Ford. I have asked dealer to send me COVP confirmation, but I have yet to get anything. What exactly does this look like? Is...