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  1. Even Russell can't get the real thing

  2. Driver Seat Creaking

    Hey all. Anyone experiencing creaking in there driver seat. Took me forever to figure out what was making the sound. But it seems to be when there's pressure or a shift on the left side of the back part of the seat. If I'm sitting normal it mostly happens when I turn right. If I take my back off...
  3. Off Roading (Class VI?) In NH

    Anyone know any good offroading areas near North Conway?
  4. Bronco In Commercial

    Can't back the product. But shot in a Bronco. Might be more applicable for you southerners.
  5. Auto-Soft Top Hack

    If your looking to have an automatic soft top for at least the front half just leave the latches unhooked. Once you hit 25, soft top opens and if you survive the heart attack the top remains in working order. I can't vouch for the long term use and wear.
  6. Rear AC Relocate

    Does anyone know if there are any companies working on a rear AC relocation? I have to imagine you can just run a tube of some sort to cover the vent openings and come up next to the the driver and passenger seats so the air comes out higher. Thoughts?
  7. WTB Modular Bumper

    If anyone has a take off when they upgrade I'm willing to drive a few hours for it.
  8. Flying Asphalt

    Nicked the windshield which didn't crack but come on!
  9. Soft Top Strength

    Just an FYI so no one has to find out like I did. The soft top is strong enough to have a 6 year old run from the spare to the hood. I would not suggest testing with older children. Also, LTS spare 6 year old boy if anyone is interested.
  10. Kids Hat

    Anyone see a kids Bronco hat? Preferably with a string for under the chin. It will be our top off hat but so far I've had no luck searching. 4 and 6 year olds.
  11. Improving daily and off road driving?

    I'm seeing a lot more regarding available shocks, tie rods and other such things outside of wheels and rims as upgrades. Do any of these improve both on and off-road manners? My thought is that it's one or the other but I'm a 100% noob. I'm enjoying trying to do upgrades on my OBX but the...
  12. ACC Relocate Behind Grill

    Hi All, I'm seeing a lot of aftermarket front bumpers relocate the ACC "plate" to behind the grill. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it working as well when partially obstructed? Anyone with experience or a better...
  13. Soft Top Fail

    Well sh$t. Was very excited for over 70 today in MA and wanted to take the windows off the soft top. Even after watching the video numerous times I still screwed up. Overall it was an easy process and not the tops fault, but much like many first times...it wasn't smooth and I broke some clips...
  14. Why no Ford 2.3 Tune Yet?

    Any reasonable explanations for Ford not having their performance tune released? I like some of the aftermarket ones but worry about Warranty issues.
  15. Extended Seat Belt Buckle

    My wife is having issues getting the kids buckled up around our car seats. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket or Ford seat belt buckle that I can replace the stock one for? I'm looking at the actual factory buckles that attach to the seat/car not an extender which i guess are bad...
  16. Seat Buckle Question

    Long story but at the shop they replaced my seat "buckle" instead of my seat "belt". My question is on my passenger side there is a piece of felt attached to the buckle between buckle and center console. I don't recall if the driver side had that before but it doesn't now. Picture attached. Can...
  17. Measurement Help/Ask? how low do Ford front splash guards hang?

    Would anyone with the factory $50 splash guard measure how low it hangs from the body of the car for the front wheels? I'm planning on cutting mine to fit the OBX side step until a real one comes out but I can't really get the measurement right with everything in the way.
  18. Any in Boston good with Forescan

    Anyone good with Forescan around Boston willing to help me shut off the double honk? I have a Mac and don't want to buy a new computer or tablet just for this one thing.
  19. Upsized Tires and MPG Drop

    Comment and Question. I've got the 4dr non-sas OBX, went from stock tires to 275/70/18 General Grabber ATX. My MPG dropped by almost 2 (1.8). 10% seemed like a big drop. In a perfect world do I need to use forescan or have my dealer "update" to car so it knows the tires are bigger? I'm...
  20. Misaligned Passenger Door

    Anyone else have this. The top and bottom of my passenger doors are offset about 1/4 of an inch. The drivers side is perfectly flush.