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  1. Lost power to aux switches

    Not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I lost power to all of my Aux Switches. I’m using #5 for rear lights & #6 for Air Compressor. Last night I was going to use the rear lights and when I went to flip the switch, the blue light turned off instead of turning amber. Same with the Air...
  2. Newest member of the family... my retro 2023 2dr Badlands

    The Bronco family that is. Thanks to: Thanks to: Icon wheels&tie rods Discount Tire/General Grabber X3 RiderGraphics Ford Performance IAG Midland Kicker I love the old Broncos but also like the new Broncos. I have a yellow 68 and a boxwood green 69. My wife has a 2022 4 dr Black Diamond and I...
  3. Goose Gear who? Made my own DIY custom rear seat delete platform

    Didn’t really like the idea of spending over a grand on Goose Gear’s rear seat delete platform knowing it’s just plywood and Raptor liner, so I built my own and am very happy with how it turned out.
  4. Anyone else find a subwoofer on a sub-delete Bronco

    Found this when I pulled the side panel to run wires to my air compressor. I’m supposed to be Sub-delete. It’s non operational at the moment but I’m sure it’s a simple ForScan programming
  5. Forscan on multiple vehicles

    I’m having trouble with ForScan seeing my Bronco. I have a 2021 F250 that is also saved profile in ForScan. Is there anyway for ForSan to see and communicate with multiple vehicles? TIA
  6. Voided Warranty question

    This is probably a stupid question but was wondering if the JKS max tire kit and Eibach spring replacement on non Sasquatch badlands would void the factory warranty? I have a 2 door non Sas Badlands that I want to get a little more lift to clear true 35” tires. Eibach says 1.8” in the front and...
  7. ARB knockoff? (Loftmarte)

    Anyone have any experience with this air compressor? Looks very similar to the ARB Compressor. I had some points i accrued from my company and was able to use them on this compressor and was wanting some feedback. It’s not an ARB, but it was free. TIA
  8. DIY key holder

    My wife got this wall art on clearance at Hobby Lobby a few years back. Since I have two 1st Gens and two 6 Gens, thought I’d put it to good use as a key hanger
  9. Having a problem… Deciding which Bronco to DRIVE

    Deciding which Bronco to DRIVE and ENJOY. I just completed a rotisserie full resto on the 1969 Boxwood Green Bronco. It has 39 miles on it. Yesterday, I just picked up my new 2023 2 door Badlands in West “By God” Virginia that I have been waiting on since 7/18/2020 The Yellow one is a 1968...
  10. Icon Rebound Pro wheels back from white powder coating

    Finally go my Icon Rebound Pros back from powder coating. Turned out real nice. Got a paint touch up stick from Auto Zone to fill in the lettering. Next is ceramic coat. Now, all I need is my Bronco
  11. Beware of MBGRAM

    I ordered a catch can from them. It’s been almost three weeks and every time in inquire about my order, their customer service gives me another excuse.
  12. Tennessee Zone 1” Level kit $60

    I have a Zone 1” Level kit still in box. I will be bringing to Super Celebration April 2023 in Townsend, TN
  13. Tennessee JKS tie rod $40

    I have a set of never used JKS tie rod sleeves. I will be bringing to Super Celebration April 2023 in Townsend, TN
  14. Tennessee Ryder Graphics $200

    I have a white Hocky style stripe for a 2 dr Bronco still in the box. I believe it’s center of body line. Will bring to Super Celebration April 2023 in Townsend, TN
  15. Current constraints?

    Does anyone know what the current constraints are? I have an order for a 2 dr BadSas which is a constraint in itself. Also, 2.7L, High, & Towing. Just wondering if I'm going to be pushed again to next year (2024).
  16. Old and New Photo Shoot

    Just got done with my Boxwood Green Bronco. It was a nice day to have a photo shoot
  17. Anyone get scheduled this week? 10/20/22

    Just wondering if anyone was schedule or received a VIN this week?
  18. No Raptor for you

    Been strung along going on three years now. (Reservation 7/18/2020). Got the opportunity to change my order to a Raptor through my dealer at Stephen's Auto Center thinking that Mother Ford would carry over the 3 unused Raptor allocations from 2022 plus the 3 allocations for 2023. But NOOOO...
  19. Aftermarket bumpers cheesy on Bronco Raptor?

    Is it Cheesy to put 4WP front and rear bumpers on an 80k rig? I bought the bumpers when they first came out for my 2 dr BadSas that I have since converted to a Braptor. I know it is my Bronco and can do whatever I want to it, but would less expensive bumpers fit the part and look right on a...
  20. Heading to Bronco Off Roadeo Oct 10th Mt. Potosi

    Hope to put faces to names.