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  1. Day 1 Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo Recap - LONG POST WARNING

    For those that have asked, here's a recap I originally posted on TBN yesterday. TLDR: If you have the opportunity, just go. It was a great experience for us! The following recap isn't exhaustive and I didn't take many pics or any notes, so times and distances are just estimates. There are...
  2. Chase Lights mounted inside Bronco Raptor

    Been looking at different options for mounting chase lights on the Raptor, but haven’t really found a solution I liked until tonight. I purchased the Pura Vida Off-road recovery board mounting brackets and shelf from @UtahBrandon a few months ago and installed them, but haven’t had time to do...
  3. What’s this mounting point for? - Raptor Rear Axle

    Changed the oil for the first time yesterday and noticed these mounting tabs facing aft on the rear axle just opposite the rear lower shock mounts. Anybody know what they’re for?