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  1. BAUS67

    Aluminum lower control arm, should we be concerned?

    My thoughts exactly !!!! look at the pic below of the Warthog suspension I enlarged you can see the lower control arm has the bolt for the lower coil over mount going horizonal through the control arm. :unsure: Had some second thoughts about those bolts sticking down to get smashed to the point...
  2. BAUS67

    Sasquatch package with 2.3L + manual transmission Bronco - testing underway!

    It's a Jeep thing HAHAHA !!!
  3. BAUS67

    4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    So I'm a "stick" guy. Fox body days my slogan was Kickin' and Stickin' :ROFLMAO:so i'm bias. That said, the Bronco I will end up with will be an auto. Sounds crazy but this is a joint venture and a long story, as always with me, ask @EvlNvrDys. Wife and I have been together for 20+ yrs. I get...
  4. BAUS67

    4x4 Class 101 (Saving Broncos from Permanent Mall Crawler Duty)

    Well there is a lot of good info started here. When I started my off-roading adventures there was no internet and no cell phones the only thing I had to learn from was experience. Go out and do it see what I get myself into and then get myself out of those situations. Most of the time, I...
  5. BAUS67

    Article: Bronco Warthog confirmed for 2021 with Fall reveal and December ordering?

    You might think of these when you hear the term "Warthog" but I think of this.................
  6. BAUS67

    Testing Testing. Ford Bronco Warthog Teased in Prototype Testing Image

    Awesome !!!!! Love the Hoonigan stuff, reminds me of Ken Block videos.
  7. BAUS67

    Digital Bronco makes cameo on Monday Night Football

    While watching some of the games yesterday I saw the F-150 commercial and in the beginning it caught my eye because I thought is was going to be for the Bronco. ....... riding a horse talking about Americans wanting a faster horse ........ thought for sure is was going to be about the Bronc. :D...
  8. BAUS67

    Rock rails mounted to the body vs frame

    I plan on welding on something similar to this on my factory rails to keep from caving in my doors. I heard it mentioned in one of the 1,000 videos out there that when running the Rubicon they made "changes on the fly" but adding more protection to the gas tank skid and something mentioned about...
  9. BAUS67

    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    A couple of my favorites
  10. BAUS67

    Pineapple Pizza Bronco6G Sticker!

    @EvlNvrDys Nice avatar!!
  11. BAUS67

    Pineapple Pizza Bronco6G Sticker!

    I waited two weeks and didn't see it so I sent another email to Dana and she sent another one. I got that one. Damn mailperson delivers the wrong mail to me all the time but I take it to the correct address but I can't say I get the same in return.
  12. BAUS67

    Squatchin’ paraphernalia/stickers

    Think I'm gonna rock one of these. ..... or maybe.
  13. BAUS67

    Ford trademarks WARTHOG name!

    Warthog .......... I just want to know if Ford's hog will pack the same punch.
  14. BAUS67

    What is the age of new Bronco buyers?

    50 + HAHA .......... 53 in 5 weeks. Hoping to be able to Build & Price on my B-day. :D
  15. BAUS67

    Addressing Bronco Nation Friction

    Thanks for the heads up and great work on the intel from the event. It's a shame to see others act this way. I am a member (not paid) there as well, but not there much at all. From reading through this forum and seeing how things are progressing it seems as though it is not run well, and now...
  16. BAUS67

    780 hp NA from 7.3L Godzilla

    I can dig some SRV :cool: I can listen to anything.. if no one has ever heard this, and if you know the lyrics you can sing right along, they play it note for note.. if you like classical and Metallica this is for you. It's awesome to me that is sounds juts like it just not amplified...
  17. BAUS67

    780 hp NA from 7.3L Godzilla

    easy I did say ONE of my favorites, had to have music the chicks liked back then as well, They would say "don't you have Whitesnake" my reply, "no, I got better stuff than that". ................................................. DON"T TELL ME NO, TELL ME YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! CAN I TWIST...
  18. BAUS67

    780 hp NA from 7.3L Godzilla

    That's right we wouldn't want to burn the west coast down with global warming. :unsure: