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  1. harpo

    Swing out tail gate and oversized Cargo...

    For me the swing gate is the worst feature. I understand the choice and see the logic, ie where to put the spare? But in addition to your point how functional is the swing gate in a parking lot? I ski a lot and they wave everyone into park. I can't pick to make sure no one is behind me. How...
  2. harpo

    A rant that hopefully helps on-the-fence bronco buyers

    1) screw you, its too fucking big. They caved to the oj generation bronco. One of the most hideous vehicles ever produced. It was a slap in the face to the eb. 2) cheap? It will be the most luxurious vehicle I have ever owned. 3) I'll cram the kids in just like my dad did when he would take...
  3. harpo

    First 2021 Bronco Badlands 2-Door Trail Rig pics & videos from Bronco Super Celebration West!

    Seriously great pictures. Even on my tiny phone they are great. Can't wait to see them on a decent screen. Power is out at my house so I'll have to wait another day.
  4. harpo

    Anyone else checking out the new Jeep vehicles?

    The wagoneer was always more of a luxury vehicle despite the few pictures posted in this thread and my avatar which are stripped down versions. Most of the ones I saw had power everything, leather seats and were mostly owned by the wealthy ( at least that was my perception in 70's-80's in...
  5. harpo

    4-Door Too Small?

    When I look at the 2 door versus the 4 door, I lean to the 2 door partly because the 4 door just isn't that much bigger. If I could get a minivan with a "granny gear" and 8" of clearance I'd skip the bronco.yota_previaSmall.jpg
  6. harpo

    Jeep releases 100k SUV.

    Wow! that looks terrible. Agree on the "Nice work"
  7. harpo

    UT Dealerships

    I haven't checked yet. Larry H Miller Superford is the dealer I was assigned by zip code. I'm still not 100% sure I will pull the trigger for a new car and the thought of trying to haggle with them is not at all appealing. Figured I'd wait to see the build and price info and commit to a...
  8. harpo

    2 Door Bronco Sasquatch vs F-150 size comparison side-by-side look

    too tiny - the smart car should go to about the front wheel well and about mid-height of the back window.
  9. harpo

    Best Tire Set up for Snow

    Although I agree that you can get by without snow tires, I'd still recommend them if you can afford them. After one particularly scary drive down the canyon in a storm I realized my tread was minimal. It was an old car with not a ton of miles left so I figured I'd try snow tires, see if the hype...
  10. harpo

    Granger type pricing in Oregon?

    Go cougs... My son went there. Interesting country. Not the dirty brown of much of the intermountain west. For the record I mean dirty brown in the most loving way.
  11. harpo

    Granger type pricing in Oregon?

    I'd look at it. The reason I considered Granger was the road trip through the Badlands. But my daughter moved to Oregon last year so I could visit her instead. I think I'd go to Oregon first. Badlands 2022 ;)
  12. harpo

    2 Door Bronco Sasquatch vs F-150 size comparison side-by-side look

    Wonder how visibility is? Does that big ass pillar right next to your head create a big blind spot? The F-150 kinda has a similar element - any 150 owners think it is a blind spot? I know - "just get the lux" and have it beam the adjacent car out of the way when I change lanes.....
  13. harpo

    2021 Bronco's 1st public appearance comes 9/9-12 at Bronco Super Celebration West in Colorado [2-Door and Sport will be displayed]

    Sub 8 Hours? Unit conversion problem, miles to KM? You are almost as optimistic as the walker time and biker times. 10 days to walk, 3 days to bike? Not too many people can travel on foot for 70 miles a day, or cycle 240 miles a day.
  14. harpo

    What age spectrum do we have here reserving these sweet Broncos ?

    Is the bronco a midlife crisis vehicle? If so, will I still be driving it when I'm 110?
  15. harpo

    Bronco bottle opener has been located

    Spoken like a married man.
  16. harpo

    Ken Block - Can-Am Moab

    So I don't need a bronco, I just need a truck to pull the can am to the trailhead? hmmmmm
  17. harpo

    Paint color samples / swatches in sunlight (all 2021 Bronco exterior colors)

    He said on 33's not 33, sheesh amateurs.
  18. harpo

    What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    I need to get over the horrid flares. FYI the dog thread is just as long as this one......
  19. harpo

    2.7L Bronco Sasquatch Ride Along In-Depth Review by Bronco6G Member

    Sorry - pet peeve - it was probably a 30% grade which is about 17 degrees. 17 degrees is consistent with other reports. I know 17 degrees doesn't sound steep but it is for a vehicle. 30 degrees is really steep, most people wouldn't be able to walk down a 30 degree gravel slope.