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  1. Now Available: Panda Motorworks 2021 + Ford Bronco Plug ’n Play Full Digital Dash Conversion Kit

    Been waiting for this. But mentally capped at $999 shipped w tax (and that’s a stretch) and working GOAT modes that show when I’m in eco, etc. so not a taker. Damn the sum of the parts are ridiculous. Was hoping for a Raptor gauge cluster and upper dash - those two parts alone are $4,000+ when...
  2. My Bronco is totaled 💔 (confirmed by insurance)

    That’s a pretty good deal but cloth. I wouldn’t sell my AMB OBX sas lux 6k miles under 75k but obviously I’m conflicted.
  3. My Bronco is totaled 💔 (confirmed by insurance)

    guess I’m the first to make this comment - but the AMB is irreplaceable (new). Really hope it’s not totaled. Given the Wildtraks were pushed out later in the 2021 run due to it being a loaded sas model, AMB WTs are very rare. Id be devastated if my AMB was in this situation and praying it...
  4. What rig / vehicle did you give up to get your Bronco?

    Brings back bad memories during the initial 2021 delays. Let's see. I extended the lease on our SUV (Outback). Didn't bridge me through delays. I bought it off lease, and sold it. Finally saw the road show Bronco in person and realized the size/cargo wasn't big enough to serve family duty. So I...
  5. Thoughts on acorn damage / replacement hood

    Maybe I should keep searching PDR. Although, there's a designated area in my driveway where we always park 2 of our cars. Anywhere else would be pretty inconvenient. In 7 years of living here across 5 different vehicles always in the same area, I haven't noticed a single acorn ding, with the...
  6. Thoughts on acorn damage / replacement hood

    As noted above- they dont really want to do PDR on it. It's 25 dings across 1 panel, and will be very costly and not perfect since it's aluminum. They are steering me to just replace it.
  7. Thoughts on acorn damage / replacement hood

    After physically taking it in, the feedback that I am getting is to just get a new hood. Quotes are pushing 1,000 and they are leery to do it, since its aluminum and never going to be perfect. Its more like 25 small dents. So guess I'll be going the ADV route. Seeing it on sale for $1,050. OEM...
  8. Thoughts on acorn damage / replacement hood

    Ha. good memory. I am so happy we ultimately decided to take down that structure. It was almost useless and difficult to navigate to rehabbed or not. The single file wrap around driveway to a defunct structure took up most of the backyard. Removing it unlocked my entire backyard. Even if we kept...
  9. Thoughts on acorn damage / replacement hood

    Verbal ballpark I’ve heard so far is “definitely over 500, but under 1,000”. Which in my mind is 800-900. Something having to do with dealing with aluminum being more expensive.
  10. Thoughts on acorn damage / replacement hood

    I think my thought process at least for now is that if PDR is 1,000+ and the ADV hood is <750 to paint and install (2,000 total) then I might as well try some type of DIY method with or without a device to try to get these dents out myself. Since if I screw it up worse I could default to getting...
  11. Thoughts on acorn damage / replacement hood

    I have about 15 dents across my hood from acorns falling from a high canopy above my driveway. The dents are only visible under the right angle and range from a dime to a quarter in size. Basically looks like light hail damage. I’ve never had this problem before with other vehicles in my...
  12. Lobo Off-road HNT Rear Bumper - Checks All The Boxes!

    Seeing bumpers like that on an antimatter blue bronco brings tears to my eyes. Midnight blue Bronc, keep it classy, or at least civilized.
  13. ANTIMATTER BLUE Bronco Club

    Finally took the rear clamshell off
  14. Help me decide... Eruption Green vs Velocity Blue

    Here’s the blue you want
  15. Help me decide... Eruption Green vs Velocity Blue

    Eruption Green. Strictly my opinion, but I think Velocity Blue looks kinda cheap / rental-car blue because its a basic medium blue that lacks depth. Unfortunately, I dont think Ford is really offering any good blues right now on the bronco. Eruption Green I think is a bit flawed with the amount...
  16. Sasquatch vs not, for "soccer mom use"

    One thing I've learned with car purchases for the wife - If she wants the sasquatch package, get her the sasquatch package. She'll also likely never get a flat tire or curb rash on the rims. It drives just fine, and the OBX comes standard with steps. My only forewarning is that make sure she...
  17. Just removed hard top for 20th time. Observations & tips

    Is there a good technique to remove the 4 door clamshell solo? Never done it, but I was thinking one of the better methods would be to park near the grass, open up the glass, sit in the trunk and lift up the top a bit and pull it back a few inches to clear the pins, resting it back down on the...
  18. 2024 Bronco Build and Price Now Live

    Do we have any additional info about the upgraded interior materials?