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  1. AR | GEAR JAMMER - Bronco 7 Speed Shift Knob

  2. AR | GEAR JAMMER - Bronco 7 Speed Shift Knob

    Is there a discount for G6 members? @EIGHTLUG
  3. 2024 Acura Integra Type S

    Cool car and definitely gets great reviews but for the same price you could have got a ct4v blackwing with significantly more power and better lap times with rear wheel drive. I can’t fathom paying 60k for 300hp and front wheel drive. I had a blackwing before my bronco and beat the hell out of a...
  4. The “Im interested in a downpipe” thread

    I wonder if there are any other manufacturers thinking about making downpipes for the 2.3l, maybe we get the list going and forward to other manufacturers too. I mean there are quite or few of us who want this, competition is good and whoever is first to market will basically capture the market.
  5. Downpipes

    Maybe we start a list of people interested?
  6. Downpipes

    Agree; I don’t see these happening anytime soon
  7. Fords infotainment system KEEPS YOUR DATA FROM YOUR PHONE, txt, pics, files, contacts, ect... 😡🤬💩

    Why does this thread remind me of the Facebook post that copy and paste a message blah blah blah Facebook don’t copy my info etc. Information is constantly being siphoned by society and is the major source of income for the tech industry, so this is all kinda duh.
  8. Jeeps and their Ducks.

    What kind of grumpy old boomer thread is this? I mean who cares if someone leaves a toy on your vehicle as a way of saying “cool car”?? This is just as ridiculous as people flying off the handle for not getting a pronoun right, and if tbh if a bronco is your sign of masculinity most of the...
  9. Introducing TREMRR Wheels!

    That’s heavier than stock
  10. Introducing TREMRR Wheels!

    typically that means forged or flow formed, heavier wheels are typically a sign of cheaper casting methods.
  11. Introducing TREMRR Wheels!

    What’s the weights on them?
  12. UAW and Ford have reached a contract agreement! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Good for the workers talks of 40% and 4 day work weeks scared the [email protected] out of management and worked to gain the negotiating advantage. The reality is labor accounts for less than 5% of a vehicles cost, so all the doom and gloom of increased vehicle prices etc just remember the prices are going...
  13. Welcome to Mud Digger Design Co - Bronco Tire Covers

    Just got mine in today!!! Great quality and awesome design, quick tip for those with after market wheels I used so hair tie downs to keep the ring clear of the rear view camera. Love the design and quality!!!
  14. Welcome to Mud Digger Design Co - Bronco Tire Covers

    Email sent!! Ordering asap
  15. Welcome to Mud Digger Design Co - Bronco Tire Covers

    Custom request coming your way
  16. Very disappointing experience with 4x4TruckLEDs.com

    Glad you got the lights sorted out there seems to be a serious issue with vendors here saying one thing or advising one thing to make a quick sale and then when issues pop up basically write you off and have shills discredit you. Thank you for the heads up I will not be purchasing from them.
  17. What is the quietest Axle Back exhaust out on the market?

    Cvf is the quietest, I have it and it’s minimally louder than stock but it has a deeper tone. Even after a couple thousand miles it’s still pretty tame.
  18. Downpipes

    Sorry its the 2.3 and stock down pipes but honestly I don’t think this exhaust would get very loud with two mufflers
  19. NEW: B&M Precision Manual Sportshifter

    I wanna do this but that install looks like a pita lol. May give it shot though