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  1. Help me find a part for my OEM rack please

    Rack came with the Bronco, I have yet to actually use it. I just like how it looks, but was going to put Christmas lights on it like I did last year. I have thought about getting an aftermarket rack, 2 door limits my choices sadly. Thanks to all for the suggestions and help.
  2. 2D Owners - Lemme see your molle / storage setup!

    Installed Rough Country's molle. To be honest, I did it mostly so my 6 year old got a little less wind/cold. Less sun on him, and not no more branches smacking him. Felt like a bit of an ass when wife and I had doors on, windows up, heated seats and heat on. While he was in the back. 50's in the...
  3. Help me find a part for my OEM rack please

    Putting my rack back on after the weather cooled down, part of it snapped in two. I have looked and it seems you can only get the entire rail, for a ridiculous amount, as much as an entire rack. I can't find just the part I need, or a part number. It is the very front part that attaches to the...
  4. UAW and Ford have reached a contract agreement! [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Yet Social Security recipients COLA increase just announced is 3.2%.
  5. Tennessee FS OEM tie rods $50. SOLD

    I can meet someone a little outside of Knoxville. Upgraded to Rough Country tie rods, these came off a 2022, had about 12k miles when I took them off. No damage from what I can tell on them. I will ship if buyer pays it.
  6. Tennessee FS OEM Rear Bumper 2022 $150

    I will drive a bit to meet if you are not in Knoxville. Upgraded to Rough Country bumper, no sensors and no damage from what I can tell to it.
  7. Has anyone used the Rough Country wireless external light controller?

    https://www.roughcountry.com/product/led-wireless-remote-control-switch-70070 I'd have to splice the wires because it's meant to plug n play into their lights. I bought some roof lights for my wife's Defender. Installed fine, can't get to work reliabily. Zero instructions and have only got the...
  8. Why don’t you use sport mode on road?

    This is exactly my reason. Its annoying. It is more fun with the tune though. In a 2 door, and aftermarket bumper on the back it really lifts the front end up too, which as silly as it sounds I like.
  9. INSTALLED: Rough Country Molle rear panel 2 Door

    I have never saw that before, yeah very similar. Except like you mentioned, room to get bolts on/off while leaving it installed. Probably a bit more wind because that gap though. May have gotten it if I saw it first.
  10. INSTALLED: Rough Country Molle rear panel 2 Door

    These could fit in several categories, interior, exterior, overlanding, etc so I will just drop it here. Installed this not to be used to add gear really, but as a wind break for our 6yo in the back. Felt like an ass when going to baseball or the gym early in the morning before it warmed up with...
  11. Installed - Morimoto 4Banger HXB A-pillar Lights

    I like those big bangers, thought about upgrading to them. Sorry, didnt see your post. Here is where I got them. The bracket is not needed, I just like the look better with it. https://www.extremeterrain.com/morimoto-bronco-4banger-led-a-pillar-mounting-brackets-baf070.html
  12. Hammer Built Flush Fit Fog Light Kit Review

    These look really nice, quality built.
  13. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Yeah it's a pain. But the sideways detection works like if a car or person is moving behind the car, just not when backing up. Would like to have it working, but I'm just over it at this point. But my 68' doesn't have anything, not even a passenger side mirror, so I'm pretty used to not seeing...
  14. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Few days ago, got the bumper on, spot cubes wired up to an AUX, reverse lights and wired up the license plate relocation kit. I know it's been said a million times, I appreciate Ford rewiring tings, but adding some length to the wires under the glove box, and extending the rear wire to the...
  15. Rough Country 2 inch cube flood lights on rear bumper

    I had a shop install the RC rear bumper, came with RC pods in it. They installed the pods but told them not to worry about wiring them them. So you cut the wires from each end of the light pods before the relay. Connected both reds from each light to the aux wire, and then connected both blacks...
  16. Ineos grenadier

    Me too, and more competition the better. I prefer a 2 door vehicle at this point in my life, wife has a ginormous SUV that we can use if needed to haul kids around. And I like being able to take the top off. This limits what I would seriously consider in the future.
  17. Turn Off-road sliders - reviews / feedback?

    I honestly haven't heard of you guys before today. Went to your page, liked several things. Just installed a RC rear bumper or I'd be getting one of yours. I have the factory steps, looking for more ground clearance and clean look, like the stiders. Or some E-boards that are out there.