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  1. New bronco with..... tailgate rubbing against body panel 😢

    Dealer did mine for free took couple minutes.
  2. Borne Off-Road Snorkel R&D Thread

    I like the idea. not a huge fan of "borne off road". I would honestly prefer the brand name on the side or something. just my .2
  3. First Negative of the 2 Door... looks like Bronco Sport with a lift

    I get that same response, "That looks a lot bigger than the others ive seen." Then i say that's because they have two different models. "OHHHH!" Make you wonder if there is a poor sob out there that got a sport thinking it was the only bronco only to miss out on this one. 🤔
  4. Aftermarket tail light suggestions?

    I'd hold off for now imo. Especially that oracle taillight. I got their letters for the bronco grill after 2 months back ordered (unknown to me.) one is already out. They sent a replacement right away though. I'm skeptical on their QC
  5. Rant: When will overpriced accessories stop?!

    Nice! I'd extend that frame protection fuzz. Better safe than sorry
  6. Anyone go for a cold air intake yet?

    Never threw a code on my jk.
  7. Anyone go for a cold air intake yet?

    Lol yeah maybe that dual catch can is available maybe in three years. Their products take forever to release. They should spend less time on blog posts/ pictures and more time on actually releasing products. If I get a CAI I'll go with k&n
  8. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    Man, that sucks.. At least its not the hood so you wont come back to a bronco on blocks with no wheels.
  9. I brought my new Bronco home . . . . then everything went black

    I hear if you put it in rice while you sleep tiny little Asian fairies fix all electronics. Good as new in the morning
  10. FOUND IT! The stupidest aftermarket Bronco mod

    Idk. I think the plastic cap hinge protectors after you remove the doors are pretty dumb.
  11. Aftermarket sound system - want to install a amp in my Big Bend Bronco Base radio

    Folks are saying kicker key 400 is the way to go. 400$ and you can have that and the plug and play harness.
  12. Looking for part

    Fair, might as well remove the bar under it also.
  13. Looking for part

    I've been kicking around the idea of removing the fenders. Plenty of manufacturers to choose from. But.. When you do that the front and rear bumper sticks out now. Any companies that released a "flush" cap for the bumpers? Imo I think it would look silly to have 4 "nubs" sticking out.
  14. Who buys a 1st year anything?

    Sounds like someone made you cancel your reservation and you regret listening to them.. Fomo is a real pita sometimes.
  15. Passenger window not cracking when door opens

    👍👍👍👍 all good now! Thanks a million, I didn't know there was a reset window mode😂
  16. Passenger window not cracking when door opens

    I disabled that via forscan. And the car wasn't running but power was on so I could test windows
  17. Passenger window not cracking when door opens

    Just seeing if anyone else has been having a small issue with the windows not cracking. I noticed a lot of road noise coming from behind me. I rolled the window down and I hear a thud. Last time I opened the door the window didn't Crack or I opened too fast for it to register that I was...
  18. Door Hinge Wall Mount on Etsy

    I'm not a fan. It appears you put the doors in using the small nubs and existing hinge door brackets? No other support? Personally that's a lot of weight on 1-2 small points. I'd go with hung and hanger style. 3-4 points of contact.
  19. Rant: When will overpriced accessories stop?!

    105$ to replace the center consol badge. Smh... https://archetyperacing.com/products/ar-badlands-console-badge-1