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  1. Windshield molding is not touching the windshield.

    The bottom center portion of my windshield does not touch the plastic molding. The sides touch, but the closer you get to the centerline of the vehicle the bigger the gap. Its about 1/4 in if not more. Anyone else have this problem? I attached a photo for reference. Thanks
  2. Bronco Baby Pic

    Took delivery of my Bronco on 6/29/2022 and just received this today. I placed my order in February of 22. Pretty Cool!!
  3. Need part number for Turbo BPV tube spring clamp

    I am looking for the part number of the clamp that is shown in the picture below( the spring clamp in the pliers) or an aftermarket part. Thanks
  4. Getting a loan - timing to beat interest rate increases?

    My Bronco is currently in production. My mods have popped and I have 0 constraints. I am looking to beat the new interest rate increase from the feds and my bank will hold my preapproval for 90 days. Should it try to lock in something now or wait till its out of production? Thanks
  5. Watch your email!!

    I'm lucky enough to get a build date today, also seeing a lot of others posting about this too. Don't lose hope!!!