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  1. California Sold: 2023 modified Everglades on 39’s for sale

    Runs and drives great. Approximately 3100 miles. Less than 1% of Broncos built are Everglades. Factory winch and snorkel. Optional Azzure Gray Metallic paint. Hasn’t been off road but is more than capable. Will need JKS max tire kit (included but not installed) for full off road articulation...
  2. Can anyone tell me the size/depth of the end cap minus the mud flap?

    Need a measurement of the end cap to see if it’s shorter than the one on my Everglades.
  3. Is it possible to use Ford tailgate slider with the Tuffy deck enclosure

    I really like the tailgate slider but I want the security of the Tuffy Deck enclosure when the top is off. Has anyone tried using the factory tailgate slider with the Duffy deck enclosure? From pictures the slider seems pretty tight to the walls of the cargo area and the side panels of the...
  4. Painted Everglades flares and grill installed

    Got my flares installed today. I think it looks much better. Can’t wait for the suspension and tires to go on. More pics and build thread here… https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/everglades-on-38’s-39’s-in-progress.70336/
  5. AGM Everglades finally on 39’s

    I got my Everglades almost a month ago and had planned to put 37’s on it and do some suspension mods on the stock wheels. But after getting it home I realized the squared fenders may allow me to go bigger. Do I need 38’s or 39’s? No, probably not and it may cause more problems than it’s worth...
  6. Anyone lease their Bronco and if so, how are the terms?

    Haven’t seen much about leasing on here. Just curious if anyone hasn’t gotten a decent lease deal.
  7. Stupid question… ceramic coat the underside?

    Any benefit to ceramic coating the undercarriage/frame? I’m not well versed in CC but I know it makes water/mud/sludge literally roll off paint so would it help to keep the underside clean?
  8. Do all trim levels have the same main wiring harness? Can I add 360 view?

    I know on a lot of newer cars/trucks, the main harness is the same and they simply just don’t run the connectors and sub harness for whatever options aren‘t installed. Is this the same with Broncos? My underlining question is… can I simply buy the necessary parts (cameras, harness, etc) and...
  9. Should I be concerned?

    2/10 blend date but wasn’t completed on Friday so not only a “monday” build but a “monday after Super Bowl” build. Back in the day, word on the street was Monday builds always had issues so since it should be finished the day after super bowl I could have a real case of the Monday Blues. Is...
  10. Long time lurker, first time poster..

    Finally put my order in from a day 1 reservation. Build scheduled for 1/23/23… AGM Everglades. This will be my first New Bronco but I currently own 5 EB’s. A 71 frame of LUBR, a 69 street/trail truck and 3 U13 roadsters of which is undergoing a full resto. I have have a ‘68 F250 crew cab 4x4...