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  1. Colorado Sold: Wts oem 4dr roof rack

    Hi all. I picked up my 4dr black diamond in august, never used the rack, not quite what I was looking for, so I removed it in November. Since then it's been in a box in my shed. I'd like to sell it to a good home. Looking for 600. I'll ship at buyers cost, but have no idea what it would cost...
  2. Vertex Performance Chip?

    Has anyone used the Vertex performance chip? I've looked at a few of them but this one stood out to me until I read reviews..... has anyone used this chip, what r your thoughts? Alternatives? Thanks
  3. Rear windows rolling down by themselves?

    Has anyone else notice...that the rear windows will just roll down? It's happened 3 times now and seemingly by themselves. Also. The headlights switch is at the perfect place to be brushed by your knee as your getting into or out of your bronco.
  4. Finally recieved it.

    I'm not sure in doing this right but I wanted to show off a bit. I finally recieved my bronco. I placed my reservation on day 2 got confirmation day 3. I waited 2 years to get notice that it was set to build. Few more weeks and I picked it up August 4th. 4dr, area 51 grey, 2.7ltr, mic hard top...
  5. Found a good Ford dealer in alaska

    Hi everybody, this is my first time posting, please bear with me. I just found d an article on Google. There is a Ford dealer in Alaska not ripping people off. Sooooo jealous of this very lucky woman. I wish her the best...