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  1. Badlands SAS - Looking for Economic Winter Setup

    Dedicated snow tires are the best option. You can find lots of Outer Banks wheels on Craigslist. Overall size should be fine, just a small speedometer error. https://www.tire-reviews.com/Article/2023-Best-All-Terrain-Tires-In-Snow.htm Cost of snow tires is small compared to an accident...
  2. The Tire Cover You've Been Waiting For - MECHANICAL BRONCO

    Already have one ordered. Looking forward to seeing it installed.
  3. Recommendations for Mud flaps on OBX

    Non Sas and I used the Ford ones and the rear were very easy. The fronts were a pain as I had to trim an opening for the step to poke through. Works but wish there was a cleaner solution. Ford could have easily provided an outline for where to trim to fit around the step.
  4. Travel stairs for dogs

    A quick search on Amazon "dog ramp car" turned up a variety of options. Seems like the choice is either a ramp with steps or a flat ramp. Not sure which would be better. Our golden retriever it getting pretty old and we have to help her in. Haven't taken her in the Bronco yet. Let her shed...
  5. Andersen weight distribution hitch

    Got it, I guess if you want the trailer level (generally the best setup) you're going to have an issue no matter what hitch you use. It doesn't look like the Andersen shank will extend far enough to clear the tire unless you use an extension which I don't think I'd use with a weight...
  6. Andersen weight distribution hitch

    I have the hitch for my 6x14 cargo trailer and it works great. Can’t see why it wouldn’t work for you. Maybe if your trailer tongue was really high but then you’d have a problem no matter what hitch you use.
  7. Color Matched Tire Covers 🎨

    Thinking about getting the orange skeleton one for Halloween. Then going with the vehicle color for the rest of the year. Seems excessive though.
  8. Heartbroken! No advance on 2024 OBX?!

    I played around with the Build and Price configurator for the 2024 Bronco and I couldn't build what I really wanted with any of the models. I either had to get something expensive I didn't want or give up something I really wanted. I suspect that if I could only get a 2024 Bronco I'd probably...
  9. Modified Bronco Wildtrak vs Jeep Banana (XJ) Off-Road Comparison Test

    Modestly modified Bronco vs highly modified Jeep XJ "The Banana".
  10. Wider Tires Upgrade on OBX non SAS

    I just picked up a set of take off Badlands wheels/tires and am happy with the results. Tires aren't as wide as you're looking for but plenty for my needs. Far cheaper option than going out and getting something else. Look in the sale ads here and Craigslist and you should be able to find a...
  11. 2023 Bronco - SMOG Monitors Ready

    If you’ve driven it around for a bit and gone through several startup cycles it should be ready. I drove mine back from Iowa so plenty of miles and cycles. For those who are not in CA the smog test is a requirement since you brought the vehicle in from out of state. Stupid waste of time and...
  12. [CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: DIY Windshield Protection Film Kit (exoshield) for your Ford Bronco!

    Zero times but it is something I worry about. Already contacted an Exoshield installer just haven't found the time to take the Bronco in.
  13. 💰 [Updated 8/14] Official 2024 Bronco PRICES and Model Changes -- Colors, Trims, Equipment & More

    Disappointed that you can't get the Advanced 4wd in the Outer Banks unless you get the Sasquatch package. Glad I got my 23 the way I wanted. Can't understand Fords decision making process. Looks like the Advance 4wd isn't available on any trim unless you get Sasquatch. Stange!
  14. Coil failure 8k miles in.

    I've had really good luck lately with the butt connectors that are self soldering and heat sealing. You can buy a pack on someplace like Amazon that have various sizes. All you need is simple heat gun but a lighter will work in a pinch. Probably can find at a hardware store as well.
  15. Extra hot trip across the desert (116 degrees)

    I was in no hurry to get to my destination and that speed was working out so I didn’t have to change lanes often. Was also trying out Eco mode to see if it made any difference. Work is paying me mileage for this trip so better mileage means more money to buy goodies for the Bronco.
  16. Extra hot trip across the desert (116 degrees)

    No issues with the roof sound deadening material so far. Although driving in that heat I could feel the heat on my head radiating from the inside of the roof. Guessing the soft top would have been even worse.
  17. Extra hot trip across the desert (116 degrees)

    Driving on I-15 near Baker CA today, saw 116 degrees F on the outside temperature. Bronco did fine.
  18. Warranty denial- HEADS UP

    If it's a "known issue" then it's likely there is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that describes the problem, the solution and whether it's under warranty. There are online services you can access to see TSBs but you'll probably have to pay a fee. Access to them was very helpful many years...

    I received the paperwork 2 days ago so it was 2-3 weeks as Zach noted. I had no trouble with the CA DMV and it took me about two hours to get the smog check and finish the paperwork. Looking forward to driving the Bronco now that it's all registered and insured. Thank you to Zach, Samantha...