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  1. Broncos Not Selling —> Dealers Moving (Broncos) to Auction?

    This is absolutely not true. I signed a loan less than a week ago and was MILES below that with a loan from the dealership who beat my credit union. It was more than 2% under what you stated. I can't discuss these things because of my job but I assure you, if someone told you 7.75 is the lowest...
  2. Installed Mabett back seat/cargo area ceiling light

    Does the plastic match the stock plastic or does it look like a mismatched tumor?
  3. Texas Bronco Accessories For Sale

    I'd be a buyer at 250 on those lights. In dfw, we could meet, I zelle when they're in hand.
  4. anyone going to Austin 2/11

    What is happening in Austin?
  5. 2023MY Standard Audio (6-speaker) Subwoofer Delete Mandatory and Functional Amps Removed

    I also picked mine up 12/21/22 build and it has the sub in the back but it doesn't turn on/work whatever. Anyone open their truck up yet? I've had it a day so I haven't had a chance yet and won't for a bit.
  6. RCI Bronco Rock Sliders Are Here!

    I just ordered these and realized I should have asked; Do these require any drilling? I'm not comfortable doing that yet. Realize I should have asked before just pulling the trigger.
  7. UPDATE/ Ford IS Warranting MIC top v2 developing hairline cracks

    I’m glad I found this thread. My top is awful. I am giving it a once over and getting too frustrated. I’m going to watch this for progress but this top is too fragile for anything they intend it to be used for. I could see hail going right through it.
  8. Anyone ever make this graphic package?

    I know this is a very small topic but google gives me nothing. Anyone make this graphic package, because I'd love to get it lined up for when my truck arrives.
  9. Mabett 6.5" Rear Speaker Pods Available Now!

    When do you plan on having these back in stock? This is a must for me.
  10. Hey Ford Replace My Soft Top Side windows

    Take the top off. Problem solved. (I'm joking, but as someone becoming more and more bitter I don't have one on the way after a year and some change wait I'm a bit snippy about it.)
  11. How is this possible?!

    So, a very kind soul on this forum has found me 2 broncos with my exact build on lots in various cities up for sale. One has a monster adm and the other I’m waiting to hear back on. How does THAT happen?! I have a very basic build, they have my build down to the color, and it gets shipped there...
  12. 2.7 engine failure tracking thread - Ford Please!

    I know this is an enthusiast forum, and I know if you take a sample set of 100k or something a few failures isn't the end of the world, but this is frustrating. Wild to see so many issues with so many components. Best of luck to everyone.
  13. Who used a trade towards their bronco and how did it work?

    I get wildly different offers from carmax, carvana, a few of them. I wish I knew why. I am in the same type of predicament. Since I wont see my Bronco until 2027 I have plenty of time to figure it out. The new game my household is playing is will I get my Lightning before I get my Bronco.
  14. Sasquatch package question

    Front and rear lockers and gearing at the very least. You’re looking at 6k+ if you can’t do the labor and you’d probably end up with an ugly toggle solution.
  15. Jumping to the Front of the Line

    I was in this same spot, had a 13 f150 that was on it's way out, so I bought a '20 ranger to hold me over. I'm fine with my ranger and I am not necessarily in a rush to replace it. I have two orders in, one for a base sasquatch 2.7 with the hard top at chapman, and a base sasquatch 2.7 with a...
  16. Your vehicle is scheduled for production this fast??

    You’re kidding. So if I walk in and order a base 4 door soft top 2.3 Sasquatch with an auto I might see it soon? I hate this roulette wheel. Im going to seem like a crazy person calling another dealership and ordering a third, but I might settle since the 2.7 is… well…. Whatever.
  17. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    I consider it every few hours. If they had an auto with rear locker for around my price I'd probably bite, but I just can't. I know I'm way down the list, probably 200 or something, but I just wait it out.
  18. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    It's super corny and just because we both got suckered by Ford for to wait 2 years to buy a Bronco held together with bubblegum and hope doesn't mean we're in some sort of best buddy club. (It sounds more harsh than I mean it but I've got my work on my mind and my dogs are probably with me and...
  19. Bronc Buster AKA “broken Bronco” running 40’s on 2” lift

    40s are fun. It takes work but lots of IFS run 40s. Clearly no desert race toys here. Not everyone is climbing boulders. Big tires, big jumps, lots of fun. Side note, frame mount trims are common, frame trimming is common especially in toyotas, so no shock there. I'm definitely not claiming...
  20. You CAN move your Bronco reservation as of TODAY!!!

    I don't really check the forums anymore because I've put the bronco out of my brain until one of my two orders come through. I'm bummed but not surprised you can't really move anything. Pit of my gut kinda felt that. I hope someone has some success, but I'll lean into it, I requested it the day...