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  1. 2024 Acura Integra Type S

    How we got here… I had sold my 2015 Subaru STi to a friend (who blew the motor 4 months later)and ordered a new Bronco Wildtrak. So after driving the Bronco for a while I came to realize I missed rowing through the gears. I know the Bronco can be had with a manual but it doesn’t handle like a...
  2. Tow Ratings Explained

    Interesting, not sure which factors caused the Bronco to be rated so weak but…
  3. Porsche 911 Dakar

    If I won the lottery and I could only choose one Porsche I would probably pick a GT3 Touring with 3 pedals, but if garage space was unlimited Porsche gives you lots of options.
  4. If I won Powerball I wouldn’t tell but…

    there would be signs… https://www.thedrive.com/news/porsches-wild-safari-911-build-climbed-an-icy-volcano-but-you-cant-have-one https://jalopnik.com/porsche-911-off-road-custom-romain-dumas-altitude-test-1849738895
  5. Mercedes - AMG63 4x4

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/the-mercedes-amg-g63-squared-uses-portal-axles-to-dominate-off-road be cool to pick one up a couple decades from now assuming you could afford the upkeep.
  6. MIC top version 2 installed

    Good news had my Mic top Mach 2 installed today. Interior finish is slightly improved still not as nice as my LL Bean Old Town canoe but better. Exterior edges are still a little rough. Bad news… passenger latch will not fully lock. Passenger (bronco knoll) approx 3.5 driver approx 3 even...
  7. Modern-chevy-tahoe-z71-into-two-door-k5-blazer-replica

  8. Front Splash Guards/Mud Flap will NOT fit with Running Board

    Can confirm the Ford Accessory Front Splash Guards do NOT fit with the factory running board/side steps. The running board tends to collect a lot of debris from the all terrain tires. I foresee slush and winter crud piling up. Might have to go after market like Rek Gen...
  9. Today I experienced DEATH WOBBLE 😉

    Well not me I was driving my 2021 Bronco Wildtrak but I think the guy in the JL needed to change his Calvin Klien underwear. IFS FTW Coming out of a construction zone I slide over to passing lane to go around a Hyundai crap can, Jeep comes up fast in the right lane and tries to squeeze though...
  10. Restraints Indicator Lamp Warning, Anyone else?

    "The restraints control module has detected a fault with the driver side airbag circuit." "Contact your authorized dealer as soon as possible" The first time this happened, air bag warning light illuminates, and I notice my seat belt has not completely buckled. Click it in and the light goes...
  11. What’s this dripping fluid?

    Does the a/c drip out lower spoiler? Haven’t driven in the rain, drove home with windows down, no humidity, no a/c. Vehicle had been parked for 2 hours at time of video. Noticed a puddle under the front end. Coming from the weep/drain hole. Is this normal? Do they all do this? Update : Good...
  12. Rust Proofing the undercarriage

    https://fb.watch/73zIlX3Yvg/ Ready for winter’s salty road season.
  13. Shelby Super Snake Warthog?

    Would it fit? Bronco’s hood is long, make the track wider, drop it down… What would it‘s purpose be? Roasting tires… Thoughts? I personally love the sound of the flat plane crank Voodoo better.
  14. MUD JAM!

  15. European Delivery (Michigan Delivery)

    If it would save $1500 and we weren’t constrained by this COVID hell, would you choose factory delivery if Ford offered it? ala https://www.porsche.com/usa/motorsportandevents/deliveryprograms/europeandelivery/ or https://www.mbusa.com/mercedes/european_delivery_program/embed-false You...
  16. 2021 F-150 epa mileage

    https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/official-2021-f-150-mpg-figures-released-per-epa.543/ So safe to assume I won’t be saving any trips to the pump when I switch from my STi.