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  1. First and most expensive mod to date.

    My first expensive mod to the Bronco. Thinking about getting them powder coated to match interior trip. Hope the wife doesn’t find out how much I spent! I will be posting an install video soon. Lol. 1/7/22 build day, just trying to keep my sanity. Fingers crossed. Have a Merry Christmas everyone
  2. Removal of Aux switch housing cover

    Curious, has anyone removed the housing cover of the aux switches? Curious what electrical components are tied into it. I will not have a auto dim rear view mirror and am looking for someone easy/convenient to tie in dash cam power. Not sure if it even possible, just wanted to rule it out or in...
  3. Base rear view mirror with Aux switches

    Can someone please confirm on your rig. Does the base model have wiring running to the back of the rear view mirror even though it is manual dim. Pictures of the back of the rear view would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Preparing to get screwed

    As I understand it at this point, all of us that won’t be getting a 2021 will have to go back to the dealer to update our orders to a 2022. If this isn’t correct please let me know. In preparation of getting screwed at the dealer when updating order to a 22, I want to try and find some answers...
  5. Ford should offer FREE MIC headliners to cover up QC imperfections?

    Is anyone else wondering if the real reason Ford threw in the free sound defining headliner with every MIC top was to help cover up more imperfections/defects and get more MIC tops through QC check. After early reports from delivered tops I am beginning to believe this more and more every day.
  6. 6’9” 255lbs. Plenty of room

    I got to see and sit in my first full size Bronco’s today (first edition & Badlands). Both were soft tops but I had plenty of leg room and head room. Even with the seat back completely vertical I still had head room to spare. I could have even brought the seat forward a bit from its furthest...
  7. Under seat compressor mount coming from Desert Does It

    I confirmed with company and the will be making an under the seat compressor mount for the Bronco once they can get hands on one. Will be great for those without power seats...