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  1. Icon 'Stage 8' Billet kit just installed...and, "oops!?!"

    Hello Folks! So, I just had installed the Icon Stage 8 Sasquatch Billet Suspension kit on a 2022 Badlands Sasquatch 4-door (I know, lucky me). Well, it feels great, but both front tires are rubbing against the b-UCAs (billet upper control arms) when turning about 3/4 to full turn. I'm running...
  2. Hello From the West Coast

    Well...happy to be in the roundup of misfits and cowboys & girls! So far my bronco adventure is as my name states 'TheGoodBadUgly', not sure how it will end up, but certainly is an interesting ride...I may have a lot to share if/when the time is right ;-)