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  1. Why don’t you use sport mode on road?

    Mine doesn't have sport mode, but if I wanted it, I would just push the accelerator further and shift gears at a higher rpm. (Or would've just kept my R6)
  2. Broaddict Roof Rack

    I have their molle/ pet barrier and it fits and work ok. Not sure about any of their other stuff.
  3. 2dr vs 4dr

    That's awesome. You must be rolling in poon!😄
  4. 2dr vs 4dr

    Good point. And likewise, the 4dr looks odd with smaller tires. Like, I'm on the bronco reddit forum and I swear that almost every new bronco posted there is a 4dr outer Banks and it just looks weird with the stock tire size.
  5. 2dr vs 4dr

    A lot of people say the 2 Dr looks better but I think the 2 door looks odd. Especially with sasquatch or a lift and big tires. The proportions are off. Now that it's summer, driving around with my top down on the 4 door, I've gotten many compliments on what a great looking vehicle it is. I'm...
  6. 2dr vs 4dr

    I'll never have a need for a 2 door (unless my family and friends and dog suddenly want nothing to do with me). I used to have a 2 Dr sport coupe when I was single and that was fun for a while, but for activities that require gear, along with family or friends, they suck.
  7. Items to purchase before taking delivery

    Get a torx+ set. The bronco tools bag does NOT contain all the tools needed for the bronco: Neiko 10086A Standard Torx Plus... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004UC9WJE?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  8. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    I meant, if my car battery dies. You can still push start a (MT) car with the key on "Start" by rolling a bit and popping the clutch while in gear. Not sure if this even works with the push button start.
  9. Bimini Mesh Top Comparison Showdown: Help!

    I have a cheapy $50 mesh top from amazon that uses Velcro straps. It needs readustment every so often. Waiting for it to break down so I can order a "nicer" one, maybe a jtops one with a custom graphic, but the darn thing keeps on ticking!
  10. "I like your Jeep!"

    Apparently Jeep is the Xerox/ q-tip/ Kleenex/ post-it/ Velcro of the 4 x 4 world.
  11. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    I wish it had an actual key to start/ stop it. Hate leaving my key/ garage remote in my pocket while driving, or the possibility of forgetting it in the vehicle if I place it on the console somewhere. Plus I'm not even sure if I can push start my bronco if the battery ever dies on me, with the...
  12. First Song Recommendations

    Unchained by Van Halen
  13. Tailgating / Cooking With Your Bronco -- Photos Thread

    If by CFL you mean college football, then I agree, but it still doesn't start for a couple months! 😜
  14. Hood ajar notification while driving down the road?

    So a few months ago, i played with the rubber stops a bit and thus far, this notification has gone away (knock on wood).
  15. Tailgating / Cooking With Your Bronco -- Photos Thread

    Football season doesn't start for another couple months.
  16. Newbie question - on why there are so many used Broncos on AutoTrader.

    Same. I semi-cringe when i see reddit posts over and over again, asking "which bronco should I get if i want luxury interiors, heated everything, good gas mileage and a quiet comfy ride?"
  17. SIAP, question about auto stop/ start...

    There is a portion of my commute where I'm inching forward for about 5 minutes to get on a 2 lane highway and it shuts off and restarts about every 5-10 seconds. I'm surprised that this amount of restarting is actually being accounted for by the system.
  18. SIAP, question about auto stop/ start...

    How is it that the autostop/ start "feature" doesn't kill the battery or lessen the life of the starter or alternator on the bronco? Sorry, I tried searching this topic and the results are all to do with disabling it with for scan. Thanks.