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  1. F150 2.7 vs Bronco 2.7 - Help

    It was my understanding the heads, intake, oil pan and oil pickup were different.
  2. F150 2.7 vs Bronco 2.7 - Help

    I know this has been posted a dozen times but my Google-Foo is failing me. we had a thread that listed the differences in the F150 and the Bronco’s 2.7 with a link to something from the Ford engineering team I thought. any help is appreciated
  3. Everglades Wheel Weight?

    there is also resale. Many places see factory rims as expected on trade where an aftermarket rim will be a deduction. Remember OEM equipment is designed to hit the widest possible use cases at a specific price point. When you start going aftermarket you are narrowing down that window. The RTR...
  4. CashOfLegend

    Oxford White Bronco Club

    looks like Transformers are real…
  5. FordPass App removes "Adding a service record" option

    Just went through the iPhone app store and other people have commented the feature has been removed. Don't update your FordPass app.
  6. FordPass App removes "Adding a service record" option

    All I can say is its coming. I might have gotten an incompetent CSR twice in a row, but 2 of them have stated it is being removed.
  7. FordPass App removes "Adding a service record" option

    Ford has decided to remove "adding a service record" to your service history from FordPass on iOS and the website won't let me add a record either. Gives a "Oops! Something went wrong adding your entry. Please refresh and try again later." error when you attempt to add a record on the website...
  8. THE Maryland Bronco

    No matter anything about Maryland, they have the coolest flag in the country!
  9. 33's tires fit Big Bend! As tested on my 2021 Bronco

    yeah. People don’t understand how tires are constructed and think that a LT offers magical puncture resistance. They allow more weight through higher pressure and lower tires pressures through the extra stiffness. While the extra layer of belts might stop some stuff, IMHO what punctures my...
  10. Bronco Everglades wheels spec and part number?

    Mind sharing the information off the inside of the OEM rims?
  11. 33's tires fit Big Bend! As tested on my 2021 Bronco

    I would love to go with 295s but alas the only P rated tires are 285 from Mickey Thompson, Toyo and now Nitto. Remember, unless you are running rough trails frequently, running a P rated tire makes more sense. It will make your paved and light trail work more comfortable, better fuel economy...
  12. CashOfLegend

    Chesapeake Bronco Club

    2dr Badlands is the best woods config for a bronco nice
  13. Mabett Full Length Dash Mount Rail System Fits Bronco 2021 2022 Bronco Available Now!

    Anyone using this yet? A few things about the link above. Price has jumped to $59.99 Drop shipping through someone that doesn't know what they have. (Ad says "CNC rail" and it is obviously an extrusion.) Plastic balls mounts look sketchy. This appears to be where this unit will fail...
  14. Have you immortalized / memorialized your Bronco (posters, clothing, artwork, etc.). Show Us!

    so I actually do a packet for mine. Keep all the original documentation and everything together in one spot. When I sell it, it will go with the Bronco. Other than that @CashOfLegend on Twitter has a nice respository of her.
  15. Off-topic question - Where to Sell an Electric Bike

    LOL. I would crush that thing! (I'm 6'5") Probably won't get retail for it. Might be able to $750 for it on Facebook marketplace. That would be a great around town bike for someone. Good luck with the sale!