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  1. How install 4 door hard top over bestop canvas Bimini?

    Well, rain is in the forecast so I need to put my hard top back on. I was planning on installing it over the bestop canvas Bimini I bought through ford as the Bimini is designed to allow this. However, it appears the cross bar and a few other things are in the way of the hard top clamps. Has...
  2. Anyone tried Maxzina door bags?

    Wondering how these might work out for door storage solution. Havent seen anything on the forum. Or is there a go to aftermarket bag that has been found...
  3. Mabett vs Havoc tube doors?

    I’ve been searching for a comparison between these tube door options for a four door. Mabbet is around $800 right now for a set of four while Havoc is about $900. Any real world impressions comparing these two? I’ve seen threads on them individually but am wondering how they compare. Thanks!
  4. Any one in Portland area with ForScan?

    I really would like to get rid of the double honk. Also, perhaps add Baja mode to my BD. Hoping someone in the Portland area may have ForScan and know what they are doing to help me out. Happy to pay for the services. Thanks!
  5. Ford’s 5mph limitation on CarPlay - defeat?

    Has anyone come up with a way to defeat this 5mph limitation crap when using CarPlay that doesn’t require taking the dash apart?
  6. Blown fuse curt trailer wiring

    I installed the plug and play flat 4 trailer wiring last weekend. Plugged in a tester a day or two ago and no joy. Checked the red 10 amp fuse supplied at the battery and it’s blown. I can replace but is a 10 amp fuse sufficient?
  7. Advice on how to remove plastic screws to access brake lights?

    I’m trying to install the curt plug and play trailer lights wiring to my black diamond. Only problem is I cannot, for the life of me, get the plastic screw out that hold the cover to the access area. They just turn and turn even while putting pressure on the back side. Anyone run into this and...
  8. Which fuse to tap into for daylight running lights?

    I’ve installed the M&R pocket fogs on my Modular bumper. Whites are wired to aux 3, but I wanted to tap the ambers into the dlr’s/parking lights instead of wiring them to an aux switch. I sued the attach photo. Found online that says 63 is the parking lights. Taped in but no joy. Any...
  9. Fuse tap that fits?

    Anyone know of a fuse tap that fits in the fuse box by the aux wiring and battery? I wanted to tap some lights to the parking lights but the mini fuse tap I have is too large. I ground the blades down a bit so they would fit but the tap housing is too big to fit into the recess. Any...
  10. Wiring problem installing M&R fogs

    Installed the lights but no joy. I connected the grounds to the modular bumper bronco bolts. The ones below the lights and facing outward as I couldnt find anything else accessible. Then ran the red wire to the aux wire violet/green for switch 3. Tested it for white lights and nothing. I didn’t...
  11. Which fuse for drl?

    I’ve ordered the M&R fogs and I would like to run the ambers to the daylight running lights via a fuse tap. Any idea which fuse and the amperage so I know what tap to pick up? Thanks!
  12. Simple roof rack options?

    Looking for a basic cross bar option that can grab the sides of the top. Basically something I can mount a ski rack or cargo box to. I don’t need a large beefy system, but seems that is all that is out there. Thule and Yakima don’t appear to have released anything. Don’t want the factory rails...
  13. How route bumper fogs and light bar wiring?

    Wonder how you all are running your wiring. I’m thinking of ordering the M&R bumper fogs and their 40 inch light bar (likely bumper vs roof due to road noise but undecided). What is the best way to run the wiring to the switch box under the hood? Also, what about running the fogs amber wiring to...
  14. Question about rear speakers

    I had a local car audio shop upgrade my speakers and add an amp. I’ve noticed the rear speakers still have little sound despite me telling them they need to wire into the front kick panel speakers. I emailed and asked about this and received this in response: “If we want to have a full range...
  15. Weird issue with auto-windows

    I have noticed an issue time and time again that when I have all four windows down and park and roll up the windows. I pull up quickly on the controls for the front windows controls and they go up automatically as they are supposed to. Then I do the same on the rear windows. Every time the...
  16. Ford canvas Bimini vs mesh?

    I live in the Portland, OR metro area and am debating between the Ford accessories canvas Bimini and the JTops hard top Bimini. Two things in the canvas top’s favor is better rain protection if I get caught in a shower and using my rewards credits to pay for it. JTops on the other hand had a...
  17. Any cactus gray 4 doors with JTop? Which color mesh?

    Anyone out there with a cactus gray 4 door with a JTop Bimini? I’m torn between jet black, dove gray, and maybe the titanium. However, I’d love to see what some others went with and how it looks. If not too much trouble, please post pics. Thanks!
  18. Trailer lights plug for non-led taillights?

    Has a plug and play option come out yet for those of us without led taillights? Flat 4 prong plug works for me. Thanks!
  19. Damerow came through

    Just wanted to let you all know that I picked up my Bronco from Damerow a month ago. Looking back I am very happy with them and they stuck by their deal. There was an issue with mandatory VIN etching but at the end of the day they made everything right and I will be a repeat customer. If you are...
  20. Wireless charging pad idea

    Foun this charger on Amazon and it fits in the cubby nearly perfectly. I’ll try and clean up the wiring appearance, but it appears to be a drop in solution. Wireless Charger,POLMXS Car... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GZZX37F?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share