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  1. Head on collision report - we walked away OK from our destroyed Bronco Badlands Sasquatch

    Broncos are replaceable but your family is not. Glad you all were okay and your Bronco protected you all.
  2. Badlands: To Squatch or Not to Squatch

    I debated this as well and my wife said you might as well go big. We ended up with a SAS BL’s and absolutely love it. One thing to look at is if you get the SAS from the factory rather than anything aftermarket, it’s under warranty. With that said, you are going to get a variety of opinions...
  3. UPDATED - OEM Tube Door installed!

    They are from https://www.iagperformance.com/off-road/nerf-bars-running-boards/side-steps/ We love them. If I could do it again, I would buy the full length side step from there.
  4. Excessive Mileage from the factory

    Drive in reverse to get them off. Just kidding. That sucks.
  5. High package question

    Worth it
  6. Issues from 1st time engaging 4x4 with 1000 miles

    Ha ha! I got mine for MSRP back in November.
  7. Issues from 1st time engaging 4x4 with 1000 miles

    I am a little different in that I have been waiting years for the Bronco to return. Yeah, I would be bummed out about stuff going wrong. A new vehicle can have issues especially a new model year. Let Ford take care of it for you and decide what you want to do at that point. Like I said, mine is...
  8. Issues from 1st time engaging 4x4 with 1000 miles

    Not sure we can call the Bronco garbage. I am at 10k and she is running great. Sorry about your experience with the Bronco. Any new vehicle is going to have issues. That is the point of a warranty. Ford will take care of it. If you are unhappy at that point, sell it. I am sure there are plenty...
  9. Got my Ford Tube Doors secret part number and installed

    My doors went on fine, and they open and close great.
  10. Got my Ford Tube Doors secret part number and installed

    Yeah, the part number was different then the one I gave them. Four days to get mine and couldn’t be happier. People on the road are always staring and yelling “Those are awesome!”
  11. Got my Ford Tube Doors secret part number and installed

    Maybe I missed something, but I did not have to shim anything on mine. I did receive a box of shims.
  12. UPDATED - OEM Tube Door installed!

    Maybe my dealer hooked me up by figuring out how to order them for me. 🤷‍♂️ He did mention they had to be pre ordered.
  13. UPDATED - OEM Tube Door installed!

    I preordered them and mine came last week. Not cheap, but I used my Ford points to lesson the blow.
  14. CA front plate wrap solution

    I ordered a relocation kit from Builtright Industries, but I have not installed it. Still driving around in CA without it. I will continue to do so until I get asked to. Knock on wood 🪵
  15. Mira Loma California Automotive Yard

    Back in November, my Bronco spent a week there.

    My brother reserved the same day (day 2), same dealer, and same build other than I had a soft top. I was built in October 2021 and he still doesn't have a build date. I believe it's the MIC top.
  17. Does Badlands Sasquatch and Non-Sasquatch have identical MPG?

    17-17.5 MPG with SAS and 2.7l after 10k
  18. Does the Badlands 4 door, MGV, with the lux package come with cup holders?

    Totally agree! MVG is totally family friendly and sports friendly. Love my BL’s with MGV.
  19. Current constraints...?

    The MIC is always going to be the biggest constraint until they fix the fiasco at Webasto. My brother and I reserved, at same dealer, (7/14/2020) the the same exact Bronco (BL, SAS, 2.7l, tow, with the MIC top) except color. I switched to a soft top at the first deadline in 2021. My Bronco was...
  20. I've become that guy...

    Still loving her after 10K!