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  1. Sunrider / Skyrider question

    Thoughts on pros and cons between the sunrider and skyrider? Is the skyrider more difficult to open and close, compared to the ease of opening and closing the sunrider while sitting in drivers seat?
  2. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Been daily driving my 2023 Velocity Blue Black Diamond since Mar 01 and still loving it more every day!
  3. Cooling Seat Covers?

    We've not had many hot days yet in Atlantic Canada, but I did have a sweaty ass one day! I think I'll give the good ol fashion beaded one a try, it's only $25. I hope sitting on it for long periods of time won't end up leaving permanent indents on my MGV?
  4. Turning on Accessory Mode Power (not full vehicle power) without turning on the engine

    The first time you push the start button without your foot on the brake, full accessories come on. If you press it once more, does this put it in the mode that you're looking for? The radio will keep playing and the screen stays lit up but the dash is not lit up in the HVAC is not running.
  5. Interior Sound Level Decibels Test -- Soft Top vs. Hard Top vs. No Top

    Yes, it did have the sound deadening liner.
  6. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Gotta be an Atlantic Canadian! lol
  7. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Here's a 2021 BD with stock wheels & tires that I had as a loaner. It inspired me to order a BD. <3
  8. Help choosing trim

    For anyone struggling over what model would suit, here's my notes (prices are Cdn): I do believe Black Diamond $60209 suits me best – I’m a fan of its stock 32’s on 17” black rims, the marine grade seats/rubber floor, heated front seats, remote start, and copilot 360. Wish there was an option...
  9. Newbie: Still deciding if I'll buy a Bronco

    Tip from a lady: You should recommend that she wear a sports bra. She'll be less salty about being bounced around if she's as comfortable as can be!!
  10. Rattle + Wind + Metal Box On Wheels Feeling

    I'm planning on the B&O sound system, I won't hear any squeaks, rattles or wind noise!! ?
  11. What are you trading in to get your new Bronco?

    I like my Edge, its been a great vehicle. Only has 60,000km, but it's a 2014 so I think good timing for an upgrade!
  12. White top. Why?

    I'm flipping and flopping, I love that the white top has a retro vibe, and I don't think Wrangler offers it? But I'm also undecided about body colour. In my opinion, white top would look awesome on cactus gray with the light colour marine interior. But if rapid red or area 51, with black and...
  13. Just as a bit of advice to everyone on here, don't bankrupt yourself trying to get a Bronco

    I hear ya, I have a 2015 Challenger Scat Pack. My current daily driver is a loaded up Ford Edge, which I'm planning to trade for Bronco! For vehicle lovers, the cost of owning ones that we love is worth it! My husband and I work hard and are good at pay off loans early. You would not catch me...
  14. Cactus Gray and Area 51

    Ha! I hadn't thought of that, and I actually own this cooler! Guess that makes up my mind on my bronco colour!
  15. In the future...some non car-person will call/think your Bronco is a Jeep...how will you respond?

    If I had a dollar for every time someone has called my Challenger a Charger, I could put a nice down payment on my new Bronco! But it's still preferable to those who call it a Mustang or Camaro!
  16. [Official] 150K Bronco Reservations Received Already

    I wonder if that's US and Canada?
  17. Plan B

    I'm 99% sure I'm going with a 2021 V6 Bronco 2 door. I will, however, be keeping my eye on the rumoured Wrangler with 392 in it, and what Ford's answer to that will be... My goal is to get myself a rig that's as exciting to drive as my 392 Challenger, but that I don't have to store away for our...
  18. 2 door seats don’t fold flat?

    he mentions a couple times that the vehicle is a prototype and the interior may not be exactly as production will be... so I wouldn't put too much faith in how the seats fold in this particular vid.