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  1. Has Ford offered any competitive interest rates ?

    Northwest Credit Union offers 1.79% for 60 months. Don't have to be a member to get that rate.
  2. No justice in This world.. Ordered my Big Bend.

    I got mine at Coggin Deland at MSRP. Easy to work with.
  3. My Time On 6G & My 1.5yr Wait For This Bronco (Delivered)

    What about the Pineapple pizza?
  4. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    He'll yeah, let's roll!
  5. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    My build date was 1/7 with delivery window of 1/23-1/29. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    No, the guy at the dealership able to get it has been out sick. Flying blind.
  7. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Mine might be traveling with yours too but I am little further south near Daytona.
  8. 2022 order scheduled today (10/28) group

    I went to bed disappointed I hadn't been scheduled. But, this morning I woke up to that beautiful email saying my Bronco was scheduled for production on January 3rd. 4dr Badlands, 2.7, Mic, Tow,Lux , Modular Bumber. Reserved 7/14.
  9. Haven’t received a SINGLE email from Ford

    I haven't heard a peep from Ford except for Off-Roadeo and Ford advertising. I did call Ford Customer Service and after an hour on hold the nice lady was able to confirm my order.
  10. Updated: Resolved!! So, my bronco arrived and the dealer tried marking it up $10K ADM

    I live in Deltona and would willing to join in a protest! Let's picket this a**holes. Get the news involved, social media campaign. I almost placed my order with them. Glad I didn't now!
  11. Bronco Meet With Site Members @ Ol'Florida Offroad Park

    Looks like a lot of fun! Now just need my Bronco to join in, and not very far from me.
  12. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    Not sure if asked, yet but "Will Ford do something to prevent dealer mark-ups at time of delivery?"
  13. Seven Deadly....Options?

    Ford sent out an email with "ordering tip" which lists seven things which could delay your Bronco and in many cases moving you to a MY22.
  14. What's Bronco missing that "high tech / lux SUVs" have?

    I would love a Heads Up Display.
  15. Want a 2021 Ford Bronco? One for sale

    Don't care about reaction score. On this site couple of times a day. Have fun. Don't be so judgemental. I thought it was funny to see Broncos for sale when ordering hasn't even started. Oh well, the humor was lost on some.
  16. Want a 2021 Ford Bronco? One for sale

    Cars.com ad popped up on my Facebook advertising Ford Bronco for sale. Look at us fools waiting. Headed to Kissimmee to pick that bad boy.
  17. What age spectrum do we have here reserving / ordering these sweet Broncos ?

    Turn 49 at the end of May. With some luck ( ok a lot of luck) I will have my new toy around my birthday. But, not really expecting until at least July.
  18. What age spectrum do we have here reserving / ordering these sweet Broncos ?

    Colonoscopy while waiting for delivery!
  19. Spotted a bronco sport in Sanford Florida

    She has her priorities straight. Looking out for dad!