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  1. Ford Extended Warranty Plan Analysis (Cost-Per-Mile Comparison)

    So, besides financing the extended warranty, you're purchasing something that you won't use for an estimated 3 years or 36k mileage and 60k for powertrain. Why not stashed this money in savings, wait until your factory warranty has expired, and then purchase a warranty? Maybe, before then...
  2. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    Follow up. I checked with a different dealer a couple of weeks ago and was told to make an appointment so they would have time to order the part to replace it. I made the appointment for today which is two weeks after the call. Now they tell me they would have to inspect it first which would...
  3. (UPDATED) Rotational squeak / squeal noise below 30mph after driving

    I was at the dealer today for an oil change and to inspect the driveshaft(No noise or vibration). They said if it fails inspection that they cannot release my vehicle to me until it is repaired and that it would take 2 weeks to obtain the part. This repair does warrant a loaner or rental vehicle...
  4. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    I was told by the dealer if I'm not hearing any noises coming from that area or experiencing any vibration that I would not need to have it looked at. If I have it inspected and they determine that the driveshaft needs to be replaced, they cannot release my vehicle to me until it is repaired...
  5. 🐾 Show Us Your Dog + Bronco Photos!

  6. Windshield chip crack woes

    I've already had mine replaced. Due to previous experiences with my FJ Cruiser(same style of windshield) I purchase glass breakage warranty($600) at the time of Bronco purchase. Thank goodness, otherwise the replacement cost would have been over $1k. Insurance company also sent me some liquid...
  7. Someone had a very bad day (Bronco rollover)

    I think the damage can be buffed out.
  8. New correct dipstick (here's part number) solves 2.7L 7-quarts engine oil capacity / maximum fill amount mystery! 🕵🏻‍♂️

    Confused here. I have a 2021 Big Bend 2.7L. What is the correct dip stick to use? The start of this thread says mb3z-6750 B/F. Then later it changes to FT4Z-6750. No BS or detailed substantiated prolonged answer, just the fact please. TY
  9. Bronco Pricing Forecast

    I would be more concerned with the possible impending recession coming . Interest rates will rise and factories and businesses will be laying off. Prices of goods and services will rise and spending will decrease. You may see some dealers coming down on their inventory as well as some original...
  10. Contact

    Central TX Bronco Club

    Me 4 door Big Bend. I haven't dealt with them but my dealer, MacHaik, wouldn't deal, plus they didn't have the tires I wanted. I ended up going to Discount Tires, BFG 33s KO2s, and then sold my tires on Facebook Marketplace for $350. Just something to consider.
  11. Attention MIC Hard Top Owners - Wind Noise Reduction Hack

    I wonder how often they will need to be replaced if one lives in high heat region because they will dry out and become brittle and flake off? I had some stored in my garage and wanted to use them to make some outdoor faucet covers during a freezing spell and they just crumbled in my hands.
  12. BaseSquatch vs Big Bend Medium Package

    Yes, Katzkin at $2100(includes tax). Got pererated seating area because I have heated seats. The process was seamless and quick. Yes, 285/70R17. No recalibration as the difference is only a 1 mph difference.
  13. Just installed my Bestop Sunrider pics included

    I bought and installed mine back in November, but unfortunately it wouldn’t secure tight on the passenger side as the area where the rail bolts to the sunrider wouldn’t line up causing it to be a little misaligned. Had to return it. Nice idea though.
  14. BaseSquatch vs Big Bend Medium Package

    I went through the same decision problem. Then thought of how much off roading I would do vs street. I ended up going the Big Bend(2.7L) with the upgrade package and added larger tires(33's and no lift yet) using the factory rims and having leather seats installed, and upgraded the speakers. All...
  15. Any way to have 2.7 engine checked for potential dropped valve or other catastrophic failure?

    My engine date is 21168120202 with 4100 miles on it. I see the numbers showing the failures, but are there any that show those along with mine in the critical date zones that have not failed and their respective mileage?
  16. CarPlay freezing and unresponsive

    Mine has done this once since acquiring my Bronco in October. Actually it was yesterday when I first got in the car. I just pulled over and turned off the engine and restarted. All is good now.