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  1. Father/Son Trip to NH Off-Roadeo - LONG POST WARNING

    This is awesome stuff. Great job! A trip to never be forgotten I am sure.
  2. Oh Hail! Any suggestions?

  3. Wheel came off from slight swerve on flat pavement

    Geeze, fortunate that no further damage happened to you or the Bronco. I am hoping for a speedy repair for you.
  4. Vandalized today

    I had a Mongoose and still have the same one. Worth a bunch of coin today.
  5. Should I trade my 23 Wildtrak in for a 21 First Edition

    I have a 23 WT. Right around the same miles as you. My buddy has a 21 FE. I'd definitely keep my WT. The HOSS 3.0 is outstanding. The FE has HOSS 2.0
  6. Swapped Hard Top to Soft. Trim Piece is incorrect

    Hey all. I have a 2023 WT that I got both tops with. I just swapped out the hard top to soft over the weekend. There are two plastic trip pieces that need to be removed in the back bed area to access where the 3 bolts go that secure the soft top to the vehicle. When I went to put the two...
  7. SmarterHome Top lift success - and thoughts

    Need to get mine installed. Maybe this weekend. I am looking to also fabricate some kind of secure sling that takes the weight off the lift straps. No because I am worried of it falling but rather not having the straps deforming the rubber seals by the back window.
  8. Total loss... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Engine bay fire burned down my Bronco

    This is horrible. I hope your insurance handles this properly.
  9. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Totally following this thread. I have the lights from 4x4truckleds.com I have the switch from Ford already, the one with the rear switch too. I'll get some rear lighting going at some point too. As for the FORSCAN...........where are you guys getting the software from so that you can go...
  10. Bought second rear tow hook from Ford

    Just order my second hook today. Looking forward to installing it next week.
  11. Bucking Broncos Bust'in Loose in Snow Eagle Lake, Fordyce Trails

    Looks like a great time. Glad all went well.
  12. Florida Free black steelie (5) takeoffs

    I would love these but can't get them until a few weeks from now. LMK if they are still available.
  13. Just could NOT get myself to drill holes for the Tailgate Table... HELP ME!

    I just installed mine 2 days ago. Agree, it's a bit eye awakening to drill holes but take your time, use the drill stop and make a punch dimple in the middle of your marking of where to drill so that your drill bit that they provide does not "walk" as you start to drill. You'll be fine
  14. Hard top hoist with 2 contact points (pics)

    TXBrian........great thread. I'm needing to figure out something to do to store my Wildtrak hard top as well. I like your set up. Really appreciate your thoughts and actions. Regarding the unistrut you used, Amazon has a 5' one. Is this what you used and just cut it down to length? I agree...
  15. Miles on your Bronco Raptor so far?

    356 Mine got delivered 1/25/23 My commute is 1 mile
  16. How did you get your private offer certificate number???

    I had to call Ford support. Open a claim. BOOM. Had a number within the next 2 days.
  17. Give a shout out to your dealership if they honored MSRP pricing

    Randall Reed's Ford Planet 635 Garland TX. MSRP less price protection AND Private Offer added together. Outstanding salesman, Joe Ritmo, Courtney Chapman and manager Suzzane Baker. Even enjoyed the jousting with Arturo in Finance. Traveled from MD to them and would do it again in a heartbeat.
  18. Dual-Top Bronco finally built, after 2.5 years!

    I also got dual tops and am going to pick mine up Saturday. What is the foam storage cradle you speak of?
  19. 2023 Bronco Soft Top Window Seems Less Wavy

    Wow, look at that. This is very impressive indeed. Looks great. Hope it stays.
  20. 12/19/2022 build week group

    How do you get an offer code? I should be getting one from my original order date and it being reordered as a 2023. Was I supposed to turn something into Ford or was the dealer supposed to do it?