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  1. Thankful for my Bronco

    👍Thanks, that's Kemosabe, 145 lb Alaskan Malamute 😁. The horse is a 1961 Matel named Brave, a Bronco in the Bronco Lol. Found him at a barn sale and couldn't leave him there. 😊
  2. Thankful for my Bronco

    Love my Bronco, and so does my wife. It's our weekend antiquing mobile. Can't wait for our next adventure.😎
  3. Which kind of hood protector is your favorite one?

    There are similar products available. That being said, #4 with some alterations and something to set it apart from others that really serve no purpose but to supposedly enhance looks. I would lessen the thickness of #4, no higher than the cowl, then modify the front to be able to mount a...
  4. HELP!! need to remove the CCV line to double oil catch can

    Well he isn't sure what caused the light this time. Same code as before, but was thinking possible when I changed the oil which was 4,000 miles ago I added too much oil but instead of draining part of it they just dumped the whole thing in gave it a fresh oil change with the correct amount of...
  5. Mabett Upgraded Trail Sight Light for Ford Bronco Available Now!

    My light motif is amber. An amber backlit with bright amber for blinkers would be awesome.😎
  6. Most aggressive 3 peak rated 35 or 315 tire

    I love my Cooper AT3 XLT light weight, aggressive, snow rated, 60,000 warranty, quiet, perform well. I put them on my Bronco and love them, so just changed out the tires on my lifted third gen Tacoma and put them on there and they are great. I like them way better than the Toyota AT3s. Won't buy...
  7. HELP!! need to remove the CCV line to double oil catch can

    Update: engine light came back on the other day. Showing the same code as before about the CCV line. Went into the dealership the other day and made an appointment for the 15th. Not sure what they can do about it, but it's very frustrating for sure. While it's there they're going to do the seat...
  8. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    I agree, RC needs to get on the ball. Not that it matters to me anymore. I have the 2.5" on my Hoss and love it. No issues.
  9. Ford Performance Calibration Tuner Input needed -------------------

    Maybe for the initial input, but the tech actually hooked it back up for me before I took it home and showed me how to go into adjust it if it wasn't dialed in correctly. It actually had a number can't remember what it was I think something like 576 or maybe 756, but anyways the number was...
  10. Ford Performance Calibration Tuner Input needed -------------------

    Specifically ask before you drop it off that they recalibrate your tires. After you leave put an app on your phone that tells you how fast you're going and compare it to the speedometer if it's accurate then they did it for you. If not it's a very easy thing to do yourself. The tech showed me...
  11. Ford Performance Calibration Tuner Input needed -------------------

    I did the same. Was installed yesterday. Charged me 1 hour which was $175 plus tax. Service manager also told me the same thing will not affect extended warranty.
  12. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    👍I think good decision!
  13. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    Just to let you know, a system like that is very invasive and I swore once I did it to my Tacoma I would not do that to another vehicle. And you are correct on a two and a half inch lift with new upper control arms normally you don't even need a differential drop so the fact that it comes with a...
  14. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    Also the bracket you show in the picture is usually for a complete drop bracket system like I put in my Tacoma which was a 6-in lift they cut out the whole crossmember and installed a new one. I believe this is done differently but I could be wrong just telling you what I think I know even...
  15. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    Texas Dan that put this kit on himself, and I remember when I questioned him he said that the one that I pointed out to you was the drop bracket. My installer I believe also told me it was a drop bracket for the front diff.
  16. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    Well if you look at the three and a half inch lift kit and look at what it says is "in the box" and then look at the picture in that one it says it has differential drop brackets but I don't see them in the picture. Other than two extra spacers and the lift pieces being a little different it...
  17. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    I was just reading the info on the site and looking at that same picture which I was going to post. You beat me to it. Lol I was told that the black metal L shaped piece to the upper right with two holes in it was the diff drop bracket.
  18. HOSS 3.0 Lift options?

    It does come with one.