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  1. Has anybody purchased or seen the BRONCO 2021-2023 3-DOOR SIDE - LH/RH DOOR, FENDER, ROCKER BODY APPEARANCE KIT from Ford Accessories?

    Has anybody bought or seen these in person? Thoughts? I'm thinking they might look good on my A51 and offer some rock/brush protection.
  2. Colorado Sold: Western Colorado $200 (5) 255/75x17 Bridgestone Duelers

    Western Colorado (5) Big Bend 255/75x17 Bridgestone Duelers, $200, under 10k miles.
  3. Ignorance is Bliss: Tire Pressure Calculations

    For years I've run slightly larger than stock Load Range E tires on my mid size 4x4's and trucks for puncture resistance. I've run 32 to 35 psi, assuming with the larger size and higher LR I should run less air to get equivalent load carrying ability and ride. I've never had an issue, tires...
  4. 99.9 % Satisfaction Rating Went to 100% this Week

    I've been nearly over the moon happy with my 2 month old Bronco, now I have found perfection. First I schooled my dealer on how to activate the 20K extra FordPass points. Second, the dome light on the rollbar has never worked, like a pebble in my shoe slightly annoying. The idea of making a...
  5. UPDATE new Drawtite extended hitch now available. Aftermarket trailer hitch, Curt CRT-13493, arrived. No drilling required

    UPDATE: etrailer has this one which has an extension to clear spare tire Drawtite brand $123 I'm beginning my "If Ford won't build it I will" Bronco build I received my after market hitch today, Curt 13493, 350/3500 lb, same design, layout and capacity as Ford Factory hitch. This hitch...
  6. Colorado Sold: WTB 2door Rock Rails

    WTB 2 door Rock Rails, Colorado or Eastern Utah
  7. Colorado Sold: WTB Rock Rails 2 door

    WTB 2 door factory Rock Rails, Colorado or Eastern Utah
  8. Another one rolls on Black Bear

    Be careful out there! San Miguel County Sheriff - Posts | Facebook There is lots of arm chairing on the FB Post, suffice it to say "A man's gotta know his limitations"
  9. Wildland fire near Moab

    A wildland fire started near Moab yesterday. Initial reports are that it started from a campfire. Winds were crazy here yesterday, whether fire bans are in effect or not, use your brain. Be careful out there!!!
  10. Using Traction Control Off Road

    I'm not a newb to off road driving, but have questions about using available tech to full advantage. All Broncos have a HERO switch to disable Traction Control, my question is 'When is it advisable to disable Traction Control ? in which off road situations'? In mud and deep snow wheel spin can...
  11. Edmunds Calls Bronco a 2022 Model

    Edmunds posted an article comparing off road vehicles for 2021, but lists the Bronco as a 2022 model. Do they know something we don't, but many have suspected, or is it just a journalistic faux pas? Edmunds: The top off-road vehicles for 2021 - ABC News (go.com)
  12. Ultimate Big Bend Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    I've enjoyed watching the Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread but being a non Sas Big Bend guy I thought I's shoot this out there. I've liked the VB BB on the southern tour, but haven't saved any photos.
  13. Latest Potato Cam Photos from Moab w/ door sticker tag

    I went to the Bronco show in Moab today and thought I'd share what I have. Not much I'm sorry, but I was so enamored with the whole thing I didn't get many and quality is generally lacking. They had half a dozen Broncos they were giving rides in, all Sas'd except one Badlands. They had maybe...
  14. Avoid quick lube places!

    My son's vehicle was unavailable so he barrowed my F250 6.2 liter for a three month work assignment in North Carolina. While there the truck became due for an oil change, he took it to the local Valvoline quick lube.. I always do my own work, but figured any oil change was better than none. So...
  15. Why Front Axle Disconnect (FAD) on some and not others?

    Browsing the axle availability chart (the most valuable thing from the build sheets) I noticed FAD is on some combos and not others. It's obvious that those with Advanced 4x4 don't have it (Sasquatch and select others) which makes sense. But some, specifically those with 4.27 gears (optioned...
  16. Western Slope Colorado Deals?

    Do any Colorado guys have a line on good deals? Any Colorado dealers discounting from MSRP? The old X Plan thread lists several Colorado dealers honoring X Plan (including 2 on the Western Slope), but that's irrelevant now since Ford has nixed X Plan. My dealer has said MSRP, no dealer fees...
  17. Digital Owners Manual Access?

    I've read somewhere that the Bronco will have a "Digital Owners Manual". Does this mean it will be accessible from the on board screen? On line? No printed version? Does anyone have experience with this on other Ford products? One of my pleasures is sitting on the couch for a couple evenings...
  18. Objectifying trim and option value

    In order to objectify a very subjective decision I've come up with a spread sheet to analyze trim level and option selection. First I input the trim and basic build info (Base Sasquatch, BB Manual etc) as well as the trim MSRP. Then I entered all the options that were important to me and...
  19. Will Bronco be X Plan eligible

    I've been checking around with local dealers to see if I will switch be for the Oct 31 (or Jan 31) deadline. Some dealers have said yes they would accept X Plan, others have been wish washy, One responded that Ford is not making the Bronco X Plan eligible. Here is part of my email exchange...
  20. 10 spd Auto shifting options

    I have been curious about shifting options for the 10 spd and found this link helpful: https://www.wheelsjoint.com/how-to-use-10-speed-transmission-on-ford-ranger/ Of course the trans mission is manually shiftable using the + - button on the shifter while in M (or S?), but it also has...