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  1. Any 2023 Bronco owners have the Window Rattle issue?

    That’s the latest information. Q4 isn’t over yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes longer, but we will see.
  2. Tailgate squeaky noise/rattle

    Same. I installed the RC one because at the time it was one of the first released, but it was still making a bunch of noise shortly after. I just ordered the turn offroad setup which seems a lot better/stronger. Excited to see how it works out.
  3. Tailgate squeaky noise/rattle

    Here is one solution for the rubber bump stops https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/you-need-this-if-you-change-your-wheels.85245/
  4. Do the front hubs lock in using vacuum?

    Yeah that makes sense
  5. Do the front hubs lock in using vacuum?

    Could very well be. It’s hard to keep up with all the available options lol
  6. Do the front hubs lock in using vacuum?

    All except one. 4.27 doesn’t have a FAD 4.46 can also come with or without it. I have no idea what determines if it gets it or not though. Final drive ratio Feature codes (SDR codes) Axle codes Fuel economy codes (SDR Type of axle/differential 3.73 EGAJB EGKAD C7AAF Open style front...
  7. Do the front hubs lock in using vacuum?

    Integrated wheel ends. Those are what uses vacuum to lock/unlock the hubs to the halfshafts on F150 and Bronco Raptor. Normal Bronco hubs do not unlock. The halfshafts are splined to the hubs at all times.
  8. Do the front hubs lock in using vacuum?

    Bronco raptors use IWEs like F150’s. Regular Broncos do not. They just have normal hub/bearings.
  9. Ford manual transmission parts on back order.

    Yeah I agree it’s typically used for that. But for some reason the Ford parts catalog always likes to use weird terminology. In this case they refer to the gear as a cone and gear assembly. Maybe because of the inner section of the gear that goes onto the shaft.
  10. Downpipes for 2.3L

    I think the stock block record is/was 501 whp, but I doubt that would happen very many times. 400 is probably the area most won’t go over.
  11. 2023 2.7 Engine Rattle. Cam Phasers?

    This is for Rangers that weren’t sold in the US. There’s already an SSM for Bronco’s.
  12. Ford manual transmission parts on back order.

    Cone usually refers to an actual gear. So maybe one had an issue. The 5/6 gear is on backorder, so could be that.
  13. Ford manual transmission parts on back order.

    Out of curiosity, I just ran every single part number listed in the TSB. I don’t see a single back ordered part anywhere, not even one close to being on back order. Plenty of stock at multiple depots 🤷‍♂️ So I’m guessing they must need some part not on the TSB list or typically replaced during...
  14. Downpipes for 2.3L

    The 2 bolt wouldn’t work. The mustang turbo is much different. The bronco/ranger/explorer are all the same though and have a 3 bolt flange
  15. You Need This If You Change Your Wheels!

    Awesome sweater! Cool product also
  16. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    I would guess so. Because the AB was a lot higher until recently.
  17. Manual transmission scraping noise / grinding sound

    Based off the pictures, I’m going to assume he’s a technician at a Ford dealer, which is why he did it himself.
  18. who recognize this plugs and pin stripes need a few plugs ,would like to have pin stripes

    Push pin: W714040-S300 Decals- Front fenders: N2DZ-9920000-A, N2DZ-6320001-B Front doors: M2DZ-7820000-A, M2DZ-7820001-B Rear doors: M2DZ-78255A36-A, M2DZ-78255A37-A Rear quarters: M2DZ-78291C52-A, M2DZ-78291C53-A
  19. Horizontal Amber DRL Forscan tutorial / easy instructions

    Don’t worry about what other numbers it changes. Just change the 0101 and write it. Be sure to remember the stock numbers just incase though. Also remember, at night or with the headlights on, they will revert back to white, not amber. There is no way around this. Also the amber will only show...
  20. Horizontal Amber DRL Forscan tutorial / easy instructions

    You should only have to change 1 thing in the BCM 726-43-01 The first line should be 0101 If that doesn’t work try 0404. One of those will work