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  1. Side Mirrors Wish List

    I would really love to have my side mirrors dim at night like the rear view mirror does. Is there such a thing? I get tired of being assaulted by bright lights from cars behind me at night. Has anyone in 6g land found a way to address this other than readjusting your seating position?
  2. CarPlay update Question

    I finally received my over the air software update. My system now has the full screen CarPlay. Only problem is when I use the CarPlay (Iphone) navigation, it still only goes half screen for the map. When I tap the arrow in the upper left corner, it shrinks even more. How do I make the...
  3. NHTSA Investigation

    Two things I don’t want to do: 1. 2. However….Has anyone heard anymore about the NHTSA investigation of the 2.7 engines?
  4. Poll on Polls 🤡

    How do you really feel? Just having a little sarcastic fun with the over use of polls (by having a poll)!
  5. Mileage on Stock Goodyear (SAS) Tires

    I’ve had my WT since October 2021. I still have my stock Goodyear 315/70/17 tires on. As of today, I have 24k on them. Educated guess is maybe another 20k before replacement. I’m just interested in what kind of wear others are getting on their factory SAS tires. BTW, I realize many don’t...
  6. Slide out tailgate?

    I saw a slide out tailgate at the 2022 Super Cel TN. It was on a Evergaldes that had been brought in for exhibit. I never hear anyone mentioning getting the tailgates. Anyone here have one and what is your opinion of their usefulness, etc... ?
  7. 2021 2.7, Ticking Time Bomb or Not?

    I have a 2021 2.7 with 23k on the odometer. My Julian date is 21228. The valve debacle is well known to Bronco owners. It “seems” I am in the clear with 23k on the odometer. The “fix” came later, so does that mean that all previous 2.7’s are ticking time bombs, or is it that just “some” had...
  8. Today Marks One Year Since Delivery

    Today marks one year since I took delivery of my 2 door WT. I have put 22k on the odometer. Over the 22k miles, I have averaged 19.3 mpg. I’ve enjoyed every mile! Anyone else had a one year anniversary? What kind of mileage, etc… have you experienced?
  9. Good Loan Interest Rate Currently?

    I know interest rates are going crazy right now. I feel very fortunate that I was able to obtain my loan when rates were still good (1.85%). What are good rates now?
  10. New issue: front gear differential seal leak

    I have 21k on my 2.7. I noticed a little (half dollar sized) puddle in the garage. I crawled underneath and saw that it was coming from the front gear differential. I've taken it in for repair. Apparently there is a seal problem. Service manager said they have already seen this a couple of...
  11. In case you’re looking.

    I spotted these two Broncos for sale on a Ford dealership lot. They are both used. One is a 4 door and the other is a 2 door. I have no other information except that the dealership is Forest Ford in Forest, Mississippi. If you want one now, it might be a possibility for you.
  12. FordPass App won’t open

    My FordPass App will not open. I’m wondering is this a Ford glitch or just my particular app. Here is what I see when I try to open my app. It normally shows the Ford logo and then opens up. Now, it is frozen on the logo. Is anyone else having this issue?
  13. Windshield Cost

    I am possibly looking at getting a new windshield. Anyone here purchased an OEM windshield? If so, how much and how long for the part to come in? BTW, I have a Lux package if that matters.
  14. Turned 19k on the ole odometer

    I just turned 19k on my 2 door WT (2.7 engine of course). I haven't had any trouble. My Julian Date is 21228, so I hope that will give some of you hope that your engine is going to be okay.
  15. Mississippi Ford/Warn Heavy Duty Recovery Kit

    As you can see below, this is a Ford accessory. The kit is brand new, never used. I want to sell without shipping due very heavy weight and high shipping cost. If you can meet me in the Jackson metro area, I will sell for $250. PM me if interested. The pic below is a screenshot from Ford...
  16. Mississippi WTB BRONCO Playing Cards

    I’ve had my Bronco for 9 months, so I won’t be receiving the playing cards. If you would like to sell your set (complete with box and card case) PM me with your asking price.
  17. Jay Leno’s 68 Bronco color?

    I love the color of Jay Leno’s 68 rebuild/modification. It looks like Antimatter Blue. I haven’t been able to find the color mentioned. Does anyone know for sure if this is or isn’t Antimatter Blue?
  18. Cool Bronco cups

    These neat cups are found at Ford Merchandise. I ordered a set. They are stainless steel. I have a question: What is the black silicon ring for? Is it to attach the carabiner to a molle panel?
  19. Love Your Jeep!

    Love Your Jeep! That’s the phrase I usually hear. With the patience and understanding of a parent dealing with a naïve child, I just say, “Thank you, but it’s a Bronco.” My mission is to educate the public 😉 At least I am not hearing this as often, “I like your Bronco, I thought it was...
  20. Ford announced major commitment to EV

    Like it or hate it, EV’s are coming faster than you think. To summarize: Ford commits to build 600,00 EV’s per year by 2023 and 2 million a year by 2026. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/lightning-production-rate-to-be-150-000-per-year-by-late-2023.11285/