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  1. Interior cargo rack

    that seems HIGH and that top seems to open a lot more than normal? Either way, GOAT Fab! check them out! Great cargo rack, american made!
  2. who recognize this plugs and pin stripes need a few plugs ,would like to have pin stripes

    that's the striping from the Heritage. So it'll come from Ford unless someone has copied it. the plastic push pins are used in a lot of places, for example they're under the hood holding the grill cover in place. If you ever need to take the front grill off, there's about 10 of those.
  3. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    from all the pics and vids they had posted...it did not seem to be squared off at all and had more slant than the ADV. and to be fair, when they said they were "hoping" for a Q4 delivery it was a turn off as Anderson of course told me 12-16 weeks. Of course that turned into my like 28...
  4. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    as far as "denying" the receipt, OP ordered in April and just got it at the end of November. That's 7 months. Anderson is stating they're closer to 9 months now. Would anyone really want to wait additional time? Maybe Anderson moves him to the front of the line to repair/replace, but...
  5. Wyatt Johnson Ford in Nashville TN

    the fact that dealers are still put dealer mark up is so messed up. Joe Myers Ford in Houston has a Wildtrak on their lot with 8k dealer markup on the window sticker. That's 8k straight into their profit over any other profit they were already getting.
  6. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    "Good news"...just got a call from my local shop that I ordered it through, they said Anderson sent them an email to confirm color and sent warranty etc, and they said my top is in final assembly and should ship in 10-14 days. So there's hope...
  7. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    Yeah, it looks really nice and I know some pepople said they inquired by ADV refuses to sell it by itself.
  8. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    People have done some things to the MIC top, but also people have soft tops and are looking for a hard top, and since this comes in white or black, well...for example, I'm getting this in white to finish my build and replace the soft top.
  9. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    you're a couple weeks ahead of me then.
  10. Anderson Composites white top delivered & installed photos!

    hopefully this is a good sign...out of curiosity, when did you order?
  11. 2D Bronco OBX impressed some Jeepers at Merus Adventure Park

    I've taken my 4 door Wildtrak to Merus, and Colorado twice (ALpine Loop trails and Rim Rocker), and Arkansas not a single problem with my tie rods. Wheel intelligently and you'll be fine. Spare parts are never bad, but just don't be dumb.
  12. Big Dogs and your Bronco

    I have a seat cover, and a "zip line" that I use for my German Shepherd. He is able to sit and lay down in the back seat.
  13. Bronco Trail App Finally Released! 📲

    I haven't had a chance to test it, but with a trip I'm taking next week I suddenly have little faith in it.
  14. MOAB, UT Overlanding Trip Highlights

    Looks like a very cool trip. I'm headed there next week via Rim Rocker with some vets. We got my Wildtrak, a Jeep, couple of 4Runners and a Tacoma. Hopefully we can get some good trails in when we get to Moab before heading home.
  15. MERUS Adventure Park in Amarillo, TX - Oct 2023

    Was there last November with my Veterans group. They'll be going back for Veteran's Day this year too! Good place to be, going down in the canyon is a good ride. If you're a vet/leo/first responder you should look into this trip. It ends up being camping on site, and free roaming through the...
  16. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    no offense...but where are you seeing Anderson as shipping? Short of a few that came out very early, everyone has been getting pushed back and pushed back. Anderson has not been much better at this point. September, then October, latest news is "November"...based on March through May orders. 🤷‍♂️
  17. Can anyone point me in the direction of some low-profile ditch lights?

    I have some KC lights, but anything you put there is not going to look "stock". Doesn't matter if it's Rigid from Ford Performance, or Diode or KC or Amazon 19.99 special...
  18. Keyless entry on doors not locking tailgate (and vice versa)

    if you're talking about the "smart locks" then yes. front doors unlock the front, and tailgate unlocks the tailgate. Works that way for my 21 Wildtrak.
  19. New! GOAT Fabrication Step Sliders

    almost a year after I got mine...the wife would probably prefer these flat ones :LOL: 🤷‍♂️