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  1. Is the rear hard-top window swappable between the 2 and 4 doors?

    Is there any size difference between the two? I can get a couple tinted windows of a 2 door for next to nothing, looking at putting them in my 4-door Base. @flip
  2. Katzkin seat covers, what did you pay?

    I've heard from $1500-$3900 installed, looking for a breakdown from what people paid both installed or simply buying them to install yourself (tried the website, not much help). If you had it done is MN/SD/ND or OKC, I'd be interested to know the installer and your thought on how they did. If...
  3. Sasquatch ultimate buyers guide

    Comprehensive Sasquatch buyers guide: 4 door with Auto transmission for comparison, 2022 prices Bronco Sasquatch (including Mod bumper and hero switches) $43,000 Add 2.7 Engine $1895 Add Manual Sway-bar-disconnect tool kit $20 Add Tint and a leather steering wheel, and a BB...
  4. Anyone Rhino-lined their floors?

    Just curious if it's doable or if there is wiring harnesses and such running underneath the carpet. I realize it would increase road noise.