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  1. Mod top production question

    Since Ford is building and shipping out Heritage editions that have the painted white Modular tops, does anyone know or have any real information as to why the painted black Modular top that was initially listed in the Bronco release is not being manufactured as well? After seeing the white...
  2. Removable hoop steps found in B&P not in accessories “ help”.

    Anyone know the part number for the removable hoop steps shown in the Bronco B&P? I can’t figure out why this option can be ordered when building but isn’t available or listed in the accessories site. At least I have not been able to locate them there. Thanks.
  3. Four just rolled in locally.

    Was out picking up dinner when I spotted this carrier taking four Broncos to the local dealership. A quick follow as it was just down the lane and a photo shoot. Dealership is located in Glen Burnie Maryland. If you have one on order from this location, yours may have arrived. Two WT ,one BB...
  4. The new horse has finally arrived at the stable.

    Picked it up this morning. I want to thank everyone in this forum who routinely provide insight to the ordering process and the functioning abilities of the Bronco. Your factual info and opinions were extremely valuable in determining how to go about accomplishing the acquisition of my new...
  5. Using Ford issued Price guarantee certificate

    Has anyone who has taken delivery of their Bronco used the Ford issued price guarantee certificate? If so, can the experience be provided? Thanks.
  6. Outer Banks AMB sold on Mecum

    A two door OBX in AMB non SAS with 2.3 auto saddle interior sold for $87 K on Mecum just now. The talking heads covering the auction thought it was “ all black”……then they realized it was AMB .
  7. Start a pool.

    Wonder if a pool could be established to honor the very last pre March 19 2121 reservation holder to get their Bronco delivered? A nice plaque acknowledging the “ Anchor “ . To add even more interest an award for selecting the date of the final delivery could also be established.
  8. B&P updated once more

    Checking out the B&P site and building two door OBX, there is now a few additional options listed. Front section soft top , door moldings, and hood graphic/ scoop. I have not seen these before this morning.
  9. Fixed top Bronco could happen if Ford goes full Land Rover fighter

    https://fordauthority.com/2021/08/ford-bronco-team-not-ruling-out-fixed-roof-upscale-model Per Ford Authority article Ford Bronco Team Not Ruling Out Fixed Roof, Upscale Model August 28, 2021 It’s hard to imagine a Ford Bronco without some sort of removable roof portion, a feature that’s...
  10. Possible green color?

    https://fordauthority.com/2021/06/2021-lincoln-nautilus-gains-new-green-gem-color-first-look/ If they are using this on the Lincolns, I’d say the odds are pretty substantial they will use it on the Bronco. Just a guess on my part.
  11. Brand new Bronco with brown exterior spotted at PA carwash 😉

    Two door it appears. Enjoy your Memorial Day. Never forget their deeds.
  12. "Bronco Raptor" may be production name for "Warthog" model

    per article in today’s Ford Authority: https://fordauthority.com/2021/05/ford-bronco-warthog-might-launch-under-different-name-exclusive/ Sources familiar with the matter have told us that Ford’s current leadership favors powerful, well-recognized names over new names that would need to...
  13. Total number of reservations to date?

    Anyone have an actual total of how many Bronco reservations Ford has received as of April 2021? I just read an article where Ford expects to only produce 33% of reservations in the model year 21. Full production appears to be designated for August. I am guessing 65,000 units by the end of...
  14. Has Ford decided when MY22 begins for the Bronco?

    The email from Ford further explaining the delay and providing the April 8 th deadline for summer orders also informs that additional colors, roofs, editions and options will be available in the MY22. As a geezer, the new car model year means September to me. Does anyone have actual knowledge as...