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  1. GIVEAWAY: X-Rocket Bronco Fender Mount Fishing Rod Holders by X-Rack

    I’ll go with 7. Caught you on the boards in OCNJ. Totally impressed with the construction and ingenuity. Good luck in this market place
  2. BFGoodrich KO3 All-Terrain T/A tires are coming soon

    Thanks for posting this. Hope my KO2’s hold until the KO3’s are available….. Will they stay balanced better?
  3. Bad ignition module a thing?

    Update: happened for a third time. No power upon pushing start. Ford opened a case number and I was contacted but the agent asked that I get a 2nd opinion from another dealer (after the regular dealer load tested the battery and everything checked out fine). I haven’t had the chance to do that...
  4. Bad ignition module a thing?

    Thanks, PM sent. Edit to original post should have indicated that the dealer load tested the battery after incident #1 and no issues were found.
  5. Bad ignition module a thing?

    Sooo story goes that my 21 BL wouldn’t start a couple of weeks ago, jumped it, started, went on with my daily round-tripper with the voltage reading 14 all the way stops n starts……all good right, must’ve been me’ Fast forward to earlier this week and the same thing happens except now jumping...
  6. Cbiggs

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Congrats Vooch!
  7. Looking for tire suggestions

    Something larger than the stock 33’s that doesn’t need a lift, or pull the crash bars, for a non-sas BL and has road manners, off-roaded twice a year rud-n-ruts. Asking for a friend
  8. Soft Top replacement parts.

    @flip is a huge help in this department https://www.ruxerparts.com/ I’m getting ready to order a replacement rear glass with the plastic male ends that are crap. Forcing them in will teach you a $225 lesson.
  9. Multiple Issues w/ Known Problems - Window Buckles Broken, Soft Top Issues - Dealership Slow to Address

    Hey @flip hope all is well…..knowing that Gorilla glue and wifey’s bag clip is NOT the answer, can you tell me what the actual replacement number is and how to order it? I see the reference to warranty but not sure what the latest is on whether or not it’s covered. 🙏
  10. X-Rack spare tire rack

    I saw their display in OCNJ recently and was totally impressed.
  11. Beach Builds / Surf Fishing Builds ready for the summer? Post yours!

    Thanks to you and @HBTFD for the inspiration to go get some fresh pics…..but I forgot to include them with the Bronco :unsure: …..anyway, fish on!
  12. Beach Builds / Surf Fishing Builds ready for the summer? Post yours!

    XRack apparently has ya covered! Nice turn out in OCNJ today.
  13. Dirty Jerzy roll call

    👀 that’s awesome 😎 ❤️ someone else is getting in the invasion spirit!
  14. Dirty Jerzy roll call

    Opened for the season today!
  15. Dirty Jerzy roll call

    Ready for the invasion! Looking forward to the weekend in OCNJ, come get your boardwalk favorites and beep at the flag at 7th & Bay if you’re passing 😎. I missed the registration cut off and couldn’t have been on the boards all day anyway but looking forward to supporting the folks that come...
  16. Cbiggs

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    I’m a resident 50/50 west Chester pa/OCNJ and can’t wait to see all the Bronco’s that weekend. Sounds like we’ll see the infamous Cheeto there too! Look forward to sayin hello