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  1. Indiana Sold: Badlands take offs 5 wheels and tires with tpms

    5 badlands wheel and tire take offs complete with sensors and center caps about 950 miles. $800 free local pick up northern Indiana.
  2. First gen after the blizzard of 1978

    A few days after the blizzard of 1978
  3. Rhino liner vs Line x on hard top?

    I'm wanting to do a retro white top on the 2 door I've preordered for when the banks open up. But I have no Line x dealers close to me so I was wandering about Rhino liner. Has anybody tried it or checked with them.
  4. Where are are the Bronco groups in north central Indiana?

    Can't seem to find any Bronco groups in north central Indiana even though there are plenty of Broncos of all gens. Where's everybody at?
  5. Who bought a 6g Bronco just because was the "in" thing to do?

    I wander how many reserved/ordered/bought a 6g Bronco because it was the latest "in" thing versus those who really wanted a Bronco. The Harley Davidson people went through this some years ago when having a new Harley was an "in" thing i/e checkbook bikers. I see many people on the forum who are...