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  1. Ford manual transmission parts on back order.

    Mine has the rattle, but I'm going to ride it out for as long as possible and get it fixed under warranty eventually. I'm lucky in that I have a second truck to drive, but I'd hate to have my Bronco sit waiting when I know it's driveable.
  2. Wyatt Johnson Ford in Nashville TN

    Dealer can sell 'your' order to whoever they want, whenever they want. They're under no real obligation to sell it to you just because you ordered. Yeah, this is totally sh8tty, but it's happened countless times. You're at their mercy, unfortunately.
  3. NOOB with color question

    If you have any aversion to orange, I'd go ahead and change your order because it does have orange tones in it, especially in full sun.
  4. Hard top order question

    I don't think you can get a definitive answer on this. Demand is not what it once was and if it were me, I'd order what I want with full expectations that I'd see it in 24. What dealer did you order from by chance? I'm in Rock Hill and my 2 door was ordered in January of 22 and delivered in...
  5. My wife thinks she's funny....

    Love the AMB, if they ever released it again, I'd consider getting another one in AMB. Nobody tell my wife that, please.
  6. Missing the $29k base

    I've driven Ford products my entire life and even at what I paid for my Base ($31K), it was a total steal. Crazy how less than a year after I took delivery, the cheapest model is now almost $10K more than what I paid.
  7. South Carolina OBX Gloss Black Grille - $150

    $75, I'm in Rock HIll as well.
  8. Secret compartments & features. Post yours!

    Maybe the door pull is a good spot to hide a doobie? EDIT: Just looked at my Bronco. It'd have to be short doobie. EDIT AGAIN: Not really an edit, but a suggestion. Can we somehow add 'Doobie Door Pull' to the title? Might get more clicks that way.... @mikejames
  9. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    'Most Beautiful Color In The World' is how i usually describe it. I've found others see it more as orange than I do. I feel like it's more red than orange, but oh well.
  10. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    So is this what Mall Crawling actually is? I like it!
  11. Gladiator gets $20k off of MSRP

    Ain't gonna lie, I used to like them and planned on getting one. THen I drove my wifes Wrangler. No thanks!
  12. Anywhere to sell the hardtop from my 2-door

    Where are you located?
  13. New Mexico 5 OE Wildtrak Wheels + Lugs $475

    Still available? I can email you UPS labels. Thanks!
  14. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Dumb question, do the rear windows on the 2 DR pop out like the 4 DR? Would like to see that if it's possible and if anyone has done it! Thanks!
  15. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    I love that area of our state, hoping to move to Fripp or St. Helena Island sooner than later.
  16. Need Help Fighting Dealer

    If the dealer is willing to pay for the repairs, what's the big deal? Yeah, it's an inconvenience, but slow down. The dealer could've played dumb and told you to buzz off, but it appears they're trying to make right?
  17. ECO Mode deleted via Forscan! Finally.

    What's the point of deleting Eco?