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  1. Oil leak 2.3A

    Ford guessed valve cover gasket but the leak stopped so idk
  2. [CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: DIY Windshield Protection Film Kit (exoshield) for your Ford Bronco!

    Cracked windshield, deployed, cracked it more, replaced it, cracked it a month later. More chips since then (been about 5 months)
  3. SHELTER GREEN Bronco RAPTOR Photos Thread

    If you call it root beer, it sounds a bit more appealing 🤣
  4. Wind Noise

    It's more the shape of the vehicle. A brick isn't exactly aerodynamic. Wait till you start putting stuff on it like light bars or roof rack. (If you choose to)
  5. I finally went for it: IAG Red Seat Cover Kit review

    Let us know how they are in the heat of summer
  6. Build quality absolute garbage (Closed due to insults)

    $38K base sasquatch, none of these problems and I've done some accessories
  7. Steeda Modular Bumper Bar for 2021+ Bronco | Review & Install

    oh goodness steeda, first the strut tower brace that blocks the oil cap, now this. What else is in the works, high performance automatic shift knobs?
  8. Rampage TrailView Fastback Soft Top for 2 door Bronco -- installed first impressions & photos

    looks cool. might be a good option when the oem craps out, probably sooner than later but we'll see. After seeing the interior, glad I did not get a 2 door (my original reservation).
  9. Is it worth it? Are they safe enough?

    Broncbuster (Tyler?) Has rolled his on trails about 3 times, still going
  10. Competition: 2024 Tacoma official first look leak from Toyota website!

    is it coincidental that the ranger raptor is releasing soon as well?
  11. Mabett products, buyer beware.

    With very minimal research, I knew Mabett was a foreign product company, therefor, I did not invest much "trust" in these purchases. Also, as the saying goes with anything car related, you get what you pay for. These products are cheaper for a reason, they're not going to be perfect. I have...
  12. NEW 37x12.50 Falken Wildpeak R/T01 Tires Installed - True 37's!

    I've heard good things about wildpeaks, definitely on my list when these stockies go out.
  13. Total loss... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Engine bay fire burned down my Bronco

    I have been putting off buying a small fire extinguisher for the car, will buy one now. (I have two small ones for the house, 1 garage and 1 kitchen) I wonder how hard it would be to install a fire suppression system.
  14. Bronco Trail App Finally Released! 📲

    downloading now, can't wait to help fix all the bugs. Everyone knows we're all unpaid beta testers, right?
  15. My portable "winch in a box" (better than nothing) creation

    a few things; first looking at it, people would immediately say "a plastic box can't hold your car!!!!" because it is so different but it looks well thought out for basic straight forward winching.
  16. What have they done to my boy?

    I like these 6x6s, they're fun to look at. That's about it though. Impractical, ridiculous, yes. Good fab work also though, gotta hand it to them. Not amazing, but good. Even if I was given one for free, I would sell it immediately. Definitely a SEMA build and a dust collector the other 51...
  17. Observations after 1st trip to Moab in the Bronco

    Great to hear you had a good time! I have taken mine to moab twice; march 2022 for off-roadeo and again February 2023 for 3 days on my way to KoH. Drove through Hells Revenge by myself, didn't do any obstacles because I was the only one there lol.
  18. New mods! Morimoto headlights + LED BRONCO grill letters + Spider tail lights + Barricade tube doors + tube steps

    The mods look good, really like the morimotos. I really dislike those fenders because you can see the round shape underneath. Any plans to cut? On the everglades they look really good since they're cut, these just seem half-effort.