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  1. Auto Start Stop eliminator

    I don’t care about saving a drop of fuel at the expense of shortening my engine life. This is a lame attempt to please government regulators. The auto stop eliminator works great.
  2. The new 50th anniversary Bronco Ranger Edition.

    Much better than my build, great job
  3. I have a 2023 2.3L 10 speed transmission and get 17.3 MPG?

    I get overall about 18-20 but the footfeed makes the difference the power of the turbo affects the mileage. I have 2 door 2.3 automatic with Sasquatch.
  4. UAW goes on strike @ MAP Bronco / Ranger factory [ADMIN WARNING: NO INSULTS, NO POLITICS]

    Sounds like the strikes are for show of force. I suspect short strike but the damage will be done. More jobs will move off shore. Vehicles will get more expensive, less capital investment so who wins?
  5. Analog Wheels on a 2023 Bronco - Fifteen52 Photoshoot

    Great looking tig
  6. Anyone else accidentally turning on headlights?

    At a cruise in tonight my buddies Bronco lights came on, defective switches is my guess. Bad batch of parts—maybe
  7. Anyone else accidentally turning on headlights?

    Mine does it all the time and I don’t think I hit it every time
  8. RACE RED Bronco Club

    Still enjoying my Race Red
  9. Bronco Wildtrak in carbonized gray is a beast!!

    Congrats on the new rig…..have fun customizing
  10. 2.3L EcoBoost® I-4 Engine vs 2.7L EcoBoost® V6 Engine... not sure which one?

    I have the 2.3 auto and it has plenty of power both on road and off road. The 2.3 is used in a variety of Ford products and is a proven engine. I drove both and I decided the extra cost of 2.7 was not worth it. Enjoy the Bronco!!
  11. 2025 Bronco Hybrid Rumors

    The hybrid is not a sound financial move, Do the math. If your worried about fuel cost Don drive a Bronco.
  12. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco (Race Red) Spotted at Dealership

    Glad i did my own those prices look crazy………
  13. New 2024 color Shelter Green Metallic

    No thanks need a good orange color like competition orange
  14. Another Price Increase?

    Inflation is here for a while, the pandemic has ruined the work ethic and to get folks to work they pay more and thus need to charge more. Food, housing and transportation are increasing.
  15. The Boss and The Hoss

    Love the Boss miss mine. Great car very underrated.
  16. Throwback mode on 2023 OBX Bronco build

    Love the old school Broncos
  17. Meet Duke, my custom heritage version Bronco w/ white painted top, grille and wheels

    The Stripe was a Red Line product, forgot to put that on the build list
  18. Single best modification you've made on your Bronco!?

    Rockblokz mud flaps Keeps rock. Chips down
  19. 2 Door Heritage Bronco seen at Bronco Safari

    I built my own……