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  1. 8 Broncos out in the wild hitting trails together

    Had a local meetup and got to hit the trails with 7 other Broncos.
  2. Panda Power Module Tested on 2.7 with dyno results

    I have been running the Panda motorworks Panda Power Module for a while now, I have been enjoying it, and by the butt dyno, I can tell a difference, especially if you put the Bronco in Sport mode, then crank the power module up to 7. Finally got a chance to see what the results were on an...
  3. Video: Much better turn out offroading (mudding) the SEMA Bronco Black Diamond this time.

    Last video I did off road with the bronco ended with some unanswered G.O.A.T Mode issues. Luckily this time around was much more fun and no random error codes to ruin the day.
  4. 2.7L Bronco Engine Oil Change How-To DIY Video

    Panda Motorworks has the 2.3 covered with a video here and below is one for you 2.7 folks if you want it :)
  5. Anyone know what these are called?

    Under the spare on the rear gate are two of these little plastic support thingys, that the spare rests on. Seems they help with keeping some stress off the spare tire carrier and spreads the load over a larger area. Issue is I have a pretty big gap there since I went with 0 offest wheels, so...
  6. Cost for Full Body PPF

    Interested in getting full body PPF, was checking out Xpel's site, clicked on authorized installer closest to me ( which wasn't really all that close ) and requested a quote. $9800 :oops: is what they came back with. for 8mil if I wanted to go with thicker 10Mil for better trail protection...
  7. DIY Install of 4WP Level Lift Kit on Black Diamond 2021 Bronco

    I know some of you are considering doing this lift yourself, or wondering if you could/should attempt it. Here is a video of my experience with it (Individual results may vary ;). )
  8. My Cyber Orange Black Diamond 6cyl Auto Build Delivered (w/ Intro Video)

    Hey All, great to be here and was super lucky to take delivery already! Order Date 01/28/21 Built 06/29/21 Delivery 07/06/2021 Looking forward to seeing what this thing is capable of, and seeing what the aftermarket makes available for these. VIDEOS: Taking Delivery: Off roading...