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  1. I like chrome. Am I the only one?

    I like chrome. I would love to have my bumpers chromed one day.
  2. Why didn't Ford integrate the keypad into pillar?

    That's quite a stretch. Show me the proof of this.
  3. Why didn't Ford integrate the keypad into pillar?

    I've been asking this question forever.
  4. Warranty extension while vehicle is waiting repairs

    Can you clarify that? Pushing in the clutch pedal is disengaging the clutch. Releasing the clutch pedal is engaging the clutch. If it gets quiet when you push in the clutch pedal, I would suspect the throwout bearing.
  5. Dump $8k into a Base or Trade for BaseSquatch?

    If you can do the work yourself, you will be miles ahead upgrading the current one. If you have to pay someone, you’re better off to take the trade.
  6. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    How did you convince them to flash the computer? What change did they say it would make? That bulletin doesn't even acknowledge that there is an issue.
  7. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Looks like I am not going to be able to make it. My sister is retiring from 35 years in the Army and May 6th is her retirement ceremony. I can't miss that!
  8. King of the Hammers Edition Ford Bronco by FOX Factory PVD debuts at KOH

    Agreed. I’m pretty sure Jason Scherer is only around 45 years old though
  9. How long has it “REALLY” taken?

    309 days from order to delivery.
  10. Picked up this blast from the past

    Absolutely! We need to see pictures of everything.
  11. Raptor road trip, crazy?

    I took my Bronco on a trip last spring, 720 miles each way. It was comfortable and effortless. Not quite the road tripper that my Crown Victoria was but I'd do it again without hesitation.
  12. The Bronco Has Nearly Caught Jeep Wrangler in Sales

    I liked the FJ Cruiser but I couldn't get past how huge the blind spots were so I didn't get one. Funny that Mojave used to be a Toyota trim package.
  13. BL non vs SAS

    I got the Sasquatch package because I just want to get in and go. That's worth it to me.
  14. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    I’ve had the courtesy wipe turned off since before I left the dealership on the day of delivery.
  15. Anyone else feel this way? Grab handle woes

    I can't believe that people are paying money for the para cord ones. Didn't your Mum teach you how to do macrame?
  16. Nav in miles?

    Another thing I noticed on the way home today is that the little speed limit reminder in the gauge cluster says kilometres even when the units are set to miles. So that is following the speedometer. @Ford Motor Company really needs to figure this out.
  17. What's your least favorite Bronco color?

    Primer... Cactus Grey. If it would have kept the green tint that it showed in pre-production photos it would have been an amazing colour but what it is in reality is boring.
  18. Traction control button dead? SOLVED

    I'm curious why you ordered a new part when it is still under warranty. Did you modify it somehow?
  19. Mabett Front Winch Bumpers

    I like the design but according to the Ford Equipment Installation Guide, it looks like it will block airflow to the intercooler. Do you have any pictures that are looking below the winch plate?