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  1. Black Diamond 4A Automatic 4x4 Non-squatch BD 2024

    That's Ford's bullshit option bundling for you. They do that on the F-150 also: You can't get auto 4WD unless you buy up to the Lariat. I have an XLT, and in 4WD, even in the slick snow, the front end goes BUMP BUMP BUMP when I make the 90-degree turn at the top of my driveway. It feels like...
  2. Uh oh

    Maybe I missed it: Was it just smoking, or was it running badly and/or making terrible noises?
  3. Anyone looking for a BRaptor?

    Still makes me think a Black Diamond SAS might be the best value.
  4. MIC Hardtop Delamination Issue now covered in General Service Bulletin -- Bronco Roof Concern Analysis -- 9/27/23 Update

    Don't get me started on "service bulletins". I had an Escape whose board fried itself. They had a "service bulletin" out there saying hey this thing can fry itself. But not a recall. They knew about it and did NOTHING about it. Cost me $2,400 total. I wonder why I ever bought another Ford after...
  5. Meet Sassy! It was love at first sight - and she was mine 24 hours later!

    That's a beautiful keeper! And may I say, that's the best-looking color of seats and door inserts on any Bronco trim level.
  6. UAW goes on strike @ MAP Bronco / Ranger factory [ADMIN WARNING: NO INSULTS, NO POLITICS]

    I used to only consider vehicles built here in the 'States, until one year I got a Fusion Sport V6 AWD built at Hermisillo. That car was an unbreakable tank for 168,000 miles until some texting ass-clown plowed into it and totaled it. I knew it was going to get to 200,000 miles, no problem. But...
  7. I like IKE: 2 door Bronco tow test.

    Excellent, detailed report. And a beautiful Bronco. Thank you!
  8. Breakin’ in the Bronco in the Upper Peninsula

    What a gorgeous Bronco, and the pics are stunning.
  9. Pittsburgh to Utah in my Bronco "Lusitania"

    Fellow Yinzer here. I love the picture of Lucy taken with the Burgh in the background. . I'll look for you -- I'll be in the 2019 Bullitt.
  10. 2023 Bronco Heritage Limited Edition Walk-Around

    How long does that wrap last before it starts peeling back at the edges? I was always curious about that.
  11. Ford dealership snapped bolts to skid plate.

    "Maximum uggas." LMAO!!!
  12. "DO NOT USE 93 OCTANE" ?

    Folks like us could really clean up selling cars.
  13. Whoops! What are they!?!

    Stop! I'm on a work call and just laughed out loud! The lady thought I was being disrespectful. But seriously... the driver of that rig had to have been squished like a bug!
  14. JimL

    Pittsburgh/Tri-State Bronco Club

    I've not bought a Bronco, but I've purchased an Explorer and a Bullitt from Bob Popson at Schults in Wexford, and I give both the man and the dealership my highest recommendation. I've bought from the old Liberto in Irwin; from Kenny Ross; and from Smail, and Schults is head and shoulders better.
  15. Turn Offroad | Aftermarket Hard Top Prototype Photos!

    My land. That factory-roof cutaway looks like a 4th-grader's failed science project. Ford should be ashamed.
  16. I (you) wish the Bronco came with…?

    Build quality Bullet-proof reliability A fixed hardtop option A naturally-aspirated engine option. Adequate manufacturing capacity Leadership that gives a 💩
  17. Spare tire cover made from tire cover, paint and stainless rims

    With all respect to everyone else, yours may be my favorite Bronco of all. And hey if you ever get a chance over there, go hear So Hyang sing. She might be the best singer in the world.