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  1. Ford Accessories Discount thru 8/31/22

    Check it out at : accessories. ford.com After their phone # not working; and, 3 chats, I was able to order 3 items. Especially the Bronco 2dr Tube door kit at a nice discount. To order this door kit> (it ain't on the website without these hieroglyphics)...
  2. Order Tracking?

    Is there a site to access where I can input vin and my dealer order #??
  3. 2022 Bronco Base Scheduled!

    Salesman called this afternoonwith VIN and news that it is scheduled w/o 9/05/22. Should get delivery early October. Ordered March 7th @ cutoff. Salesman said he was afraid they were going to shove us into a '23; good news for us. Evidently they are filling the orders made by cutoff. We'll...