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  1. Anyone installed the Raptor Stitched leather dash?

    Seems like it would fit and would totally change the look the "plastic" bronco dash... anyones installed it? Thanks! JC
  2. 4A/4H Pulling left on mid hard acceleration...

    Hello guys, Today I just noticed the Bronco pulls to the left when accelerating 1/2 to full throttle only when on 4A/4H... Is this normal? If not what should I check for? Thanks! JC
  3. Retrofit Raptor dash into Badlands?

    Hello guys... As you know our interior are a bit cheap looking, was thinking maybe retrofitting the faux-leather dash from the Raptor to my Badlands... Is it possible and happen to know whats involved? Thanks! JC
  4. Rear suspension harsh on SAS… any fixes?

    Hello guys… I find the suspension on my Badsquach with bilstein extremely firm at the rear, are there any fixes for it? I would like to keep the stock height and was thinking of the OEM Fox that come with the HOSS 3.0 Let me know your thoughts and thanks! JC
  5. Quietest catted downpipe + exhaust?

    Hello guys, Looking to upgrade my 2.7 exhaust, what would be the quietest turbo-back setup, only looking for a very low rumble no rasp or drone... Thanks! JC
  6. Catless downpipes... anyone running?

    Hello Guys, Looking to do catless downpipes on my 2.7 for offroad only. Wondering hows the smell and if we are able to fool the secondary O2 sensors with spacers? Thanks! JC
  7. Catted downpipes on stock tune at high altitude… how are you guys liking it?

    Hello guys, Any reviews of downpipes on stock tune? Wondering if there is a noticeable difference… Thanks JC
  8. Texas WTB: HOSS 3,0 suspension

    Hello, Want to buy OEM HOSS 3.0 fox suspension, shoot me what you have! Thanks! JC
  9. Did Ford update the B&O system as well as other stuff on the 23's? Seems like it did...

    EDIT: Turns out there is a hardware difference, the amp is completely different... see post 29. Hello guys, Been looking to buy a Bronco for about two years now, availability and price has never been a problem since I am friends with the owner... I have been test driving each model year when...
  10. Intercooler Grille Shroud is there a way to remove it?

    Hello guys, Looking to remove the intercooler grille shroud to possibly increase airflow on a Modular Bumper… -Is there a how to? -Will it trigger a CEL? Thanks! JC
  11. Forscan DO-DO-DO Startup chime delete not working on 23…

    Hello guys… Tried doing the startup chime delete on a 23 Bronco but it does not work, and also noticed the editable values are comprised of two blocks instead of three… Is there a workaround? Thanks JC
  12. Carbonized Gray... How is the upkeep?

    Hello Guys, Looking to purchase a carbonized grey that my dealer has on the lot... I normally prefer lighter colors that don't show dust at all, how is this color in that regard? Also do swirl marks show a lot? Thanks! JC
  13. Considering buying a Bronco... how bad are the rattles?

    Hey Guys, I see many people complaining about rattles and squeaks on the bronco, have this issues been sorted out or is it an easy DIY repair? The roads around me are pretty crappy... Thanks! JC
  14. 2022 vs 2023 Badlands

    Hello guys... So my dealer happens to have a 2022 arriving next week, badlands with Sasquatch and the A51 color I want... or I could wait about two months more to get a 2023 with same or similar specs but around $2,500 more... Should I wait for a 2023? Any differences besides the temp gauges...
  15. Looking to buy 23´ Badlands Sasquatch 2.7L... Problems still?

    Hello guys, Great community you have here! Am looking to purchase a Badlands Sasquatch 2.7L, but wondering if most of the issues have been sorted for 23MY... Heard horror stories about the MIC, engines blowing up and so on... Let me know your thoughts and thanks! JC