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  1. ATLBronco75

    Dumbest reason you’re choosing a Bronco, particular trim, or option??

    Ok, so what’s the dumbest reason you’re choosing a Bronco or a particular trim or option? I’ll go first. I’m choosing the Badlands because I can’t stand the idea of having an open switch space on the off-road hero panel. Guess I have OCD.
  2. ATLBronco75

    Yakima LocknLoad rack?

    Does anyone have experience with this rack system? It’s one of the most interesting accessories to me. I do a lot of family traveling and camping and it seems really useful. But I don’t know how durable it is or anything else about it.
  3. ATLBronco75

    Which front shackles are we actually getting?

    There seems to be two versions of the front shackles floating around. Which one are we getting in production?
  4. ATLBronco75

    Any Georgia dealer doing invoice price or better?

    I’m willing to travel to Granger but it isn’t ideal. Is any dealer in Georgia trying to get in the invoice price game? I drove to NC to buy my last new car but would prefer in state.
  5. ATLBronco75

    Bronco Sport for color Preview

    I’m really on the fence about exterior color. Does anyone know if the Bronco Sport will be out before we order on 12/7? Hoping I can see real paint in person before ordering.