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  1. AZ Dealerships

    Contact Danial Higgins. Tell him that John that bought a Tremor from him last November sent you.
  2. Turn Offroad | Aftermarket Hard Top NOW AVAILABLE

    I'd like to see what Ford showed from the beginning. A paint matched top with front made to factory spec to fit Sunrider etc and removable side windows.
  3. MIC Painted Top on Velocity Blue Bronco with 37’s

    Here's another painted top in progress. He also does an interesting treatment to the grill letters.
  4. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 2

    Turns out to be the Sport. Regular Bronco is still delayed.
  5. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 2

    I heard the Outer Banks and Wildtrak now come standard with a color matched roof? Anyone seen these?
  6. FOUND IT! The stupidest aftermarket Bronco mod

    A cheap way to impress people and never have to leave the mall parking lot.
  7. Now You Want It

    In the end, I felt like my dealer was doing their best to make everyone happy, so I was OK. The Tremor was near the top of my list last year when I decided I couldn't wait any longer, but it wasn't out yet. Now, I'm getting a 2nd chance.
  8. Now You Want It

    That isn't what Ford told me. Anyway, it's over now and a moot point.
  9. FOUND IT! The stupidest aftermarket Bronco mod

    It looks wrong IMO only because it's there all alone. If it was part of a theme, it would look good.
  10. Now You Want It

    This is what I gave up on.
  11. Now You Want It

    My dealer has always been good to me, so I did the right thing and passed on the Bronco. I ordered an F-150 Tremor instead. They did a spec change on an existing "canceled" order and contacted the zone rep to try and get it built soon. Now that it's over I'll tell the name of the Bronco...
  12. FOUND IT! The stupidest aftermarket Bronco mod

    I'd take this sticker over the script nameplate. If you had accents in orange, say on the wheels or tow hooks, I think that would look nice.
  13. Now You Want It

    I've bought 13 from them. I know the sales manager at the Lincoln store. He was my salesman at the Ford store before being promoted. He got me a real good deal on my Lincoln. I was over there about a month ago getting a couple of recalls taken care of and mentioned to him I may still want the...
  14. Now You Want It

    My thinking is the dealer is worried more about the new customer than me. The new car manager actually told me who he is. He's someone well known and likely very well off and likely sends a lot of business their way. He loaded the Bronco up with just about every option there is for a sticker of...
  15. Now You Want It

    Yes, first and 2nd row. You can barely tell though. I used to have an 07 MKX and those got cool enough that I had to lower the setting at times.
  16. Now You Want It

    I guess that at the time, I didn't expect it would take over another year for the Bronco to show up and it would be long gone by the time I was interested in buying again. Lesson learned.
  17. Now You Want It

    I talked through email with the new car manager and he had the GM and GSM copied on as well. I talked to the new car manager live also after that and he tried to steer me away from the Bronco.
  18. Now You Want It

    This is directly from the email they sent back to me. Lastly, you will still receive updates on your Bronco order via email. Please disregard these. The Bronco you spec'd out will still arrive here at Sanderson and we will most likely contact the very next person on the list with a similar...
  19. Now You Want It

    Dealer is Sanderson. They've been very good to me over the years. That's why I hate to push this and cause problems.
  20. Now You Want It

    Actually, I did contact my dealer when Ford told me it was in the final build stages. It should be out for delivery now. After I decided I may still be interested, I did contact them ASAP. They may have hoped that would have been a long time ago.