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  1. Rubber coating on the window switches - wearing off already

    Anyone else have the rubber wearing off of the window switches already. I noticed when driving to work today that the coating on the driver side switch is starting to peel at the end. Only 15k miles.
  2. Auto diming dash board - any way to stop it?

    So this is driving me nuts. Every day on the way to work (near sunrise) and home (near sunset) the dashboard is constantly changing brightness whenever a tree throws shade onto the sensor on the top of the dash. Is there ANY way to disable this obnoxious behavior? I have the dash lights...
  3. Aftermarket Hitch - which install without removing the bumper

    So, which aftermarket hitches install with the bolts inserted from the front of the vehicle so you don't have to remove the bumper? Looks like the Curt might be able to installed from either direction?
  4. Gear Indicator...

    So something I just noticed today: The dash display tells you what gear you are in... If you have a stick shift. Which is silly, because, you ought to know what gear you just physically moved the lever into.
  5. Tint recommendation - East Phoenix Metro.

    My Bronco has been in the Phoenix Rail yard (ramp 36) for almost a week now. So... that means I might actually be getting her by the end of the month. Base 2-door. Definately going to need a tint. Who are the Phoenix Folk going with, preferably Far East Side, since I live in Queen Creek and...
  6. Going out on a limb - Sold the Expedition

    I know, tempting fate here. 8/12 Blend, Bronco is built and should be here 2nd week of Sept. Sold the Expedition this afternoon. (for about 3k more than I would have gotten in trade). Going to drive the son's Frontier for a couple weeks. Tell me I didn't screw up badly guys.
  7. New Swag from Ford -- Weather Resistant Playing Cards

    Found a new piece of "sorry we don't know how to build Broncos" swag in my mailbox when I got home. Edit: add picture Set of "weather resistant" playing cards in a nice little plastic case.
  8. FordPass - Explain it like I'm my Dad and technology is scary.

    When we bought a new F-150 last year, none of our phones was new enough to install Ford Pass. I just bought a new Galaxy, which should have a new enough operating system to actually download the stupid thing. So, assuming I do so, and pair the Bronco with it (if it ever actually gets built)...
  9. Is clutch pedal spring assisted?

    Does the Bronco have a stupid "assist spring" on the clutch pedal like the newer 'Stangs? If so, has anyone removed it, or checked to see if the Steeda spring fits? Just planning ahead now that I finally have a VIN.
  10. Adaptive cruise - remember settings

    Fortunately I don't have adaptive cruse. But my Dad does. He absolutely hates it. You can turn it off on the touch screen, but like the stupid A/SS, it won't default to the previous setting, so he has to dig through he menu every time. Anyone found settings to either disable the ACC, or...
  11. Load Range C for 16" Base Rims

    Obviously the garbage factory tires have to go. I don't trust Bridgestone/Firestone to actually last anyway. Last time Ford sold me a vehicles with Bridgestone/Firestones the tires lasted under 1000 miles. yeah, it was 1998, but I'm still pissed. The only load range C tire I can find is the...
  12. Backdoor shows "in production" schedualled for 6/20

    So, my dealership has not said a thing to me since I ordered, and Ford didn't email, but... Backdoor tracker shows: Scheduled for Production Week of 6/20/2022 Base. 2-door. Manual Transmission. Only adds were the Aux switches and the $295 tri-coat (was Rapid, now Hot Pepper) Edit: Reserved...
  13. Ft. McDowell Bronco Event

    So, any of the AZ folks go to the Ft. McDowell off road driving event yet? I have an appointment for Friday.
  14. Finally got to play in a Stick Shift

    One of our dealers actually has a manual mannequin. They were having a BS "will buy your old car at MSRP event" which I knew was BS, but it gave me an excuse to show the Bronco to the spouse. 4-door Cyber Orange Badlands, soft top. 33" wheels with bead locks. Shifter feels just like the one...
  15. Factory Tires - Vendor

    Now that folks are actually receiving their Broncos, can we confirm who is providing the rubber on the non SAS builds? I'm still pissed off at Bridgestone/Firestone. Those guys are scum and still owe me a set of tires from the Wilderness AT/HT debacle. They litterally sepparated the tread from...
  16. Bronco Vs. anything else with a Manual

    I traded in the Mustang a couple months ago anticipating that I'd have to suck it up and drive the wife's old car for 6 months while waiting for my bronco. With the recent e-mails that could be a lot longer. I ordered the Bronco because: A) I like Fords B) it has a stick-shift Therefore the...
  17. After 4 PM Eastern and no E-mail

    Yes, I know the e-mail was posted in another thread. I did not receive it though. What percentage of folks with orders actually got the e-mail? Since I didn't, now I must assume my order is messed up in Ford's system. Because Ford. They certainly know my e-mail with all the damn spam they...
  18. What will you power with AUX Switches ?

    All right folks, we know you are getting the Aux switches. What are you going to wire up?